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  1. See the GIF for what i'm trying to achieve. How can I do this with Greensock where you use a mask to remove text in sliding transition but not effect the background. Not sure if this is possible but any advice or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks @Shaun Gorneau your code was just what I was after. This is what I ended up using (plain javascript) delay = Math.ceil(dynamic_headline1.length/14); console.log("headline1 is visable for " + dynamic_headline1.length/14 + " seconds"); var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl .to("#headline1", 0.8, {autoAlpha:0, delay: delay}) //text fade out return tl; }
  3. I have a simple timeline that shows my headline then fades out. <div id="headline1">Dynamic text that may be 1 - 60 characters.</div> var tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.from("#headline1", 0.4, {autoAlpha:0}) //headline fade in .to("#headline1", 0.4, {autoAlpha:0}, "+=3.5"); //headline fade out Is it possible to make my headline visible depending on how many characters are in my headline? ie: 10 characters = 1 second before fading out 60 characters = 5 seconds before fading out
  4. Thanks for this one Carl. That code is really useful for setting up endframes in looped animations
  5. Hi there, What I want to do is have a tween that moves 250px right, has a Power3.easeIn and a Back.easeOut. I can animate the Power3.easeIn fine but how to do get the Back.easeOut. at the end of this movement?? Power3.easeIn line of code: TweenMax.to( $( '.mybox' ), 2, { right: 250, ease:Power3.easeIn}, 2); Im sure its not too hard but I cant seem to work it out. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey Carl, I took your advice and hid the divs with CSS which has made the inital load work correctly and the transitions better as well. http://codepen.io/LeeArmitstead/pen/pbwpjx I wanted to have one superlong PNG sequence but found Firefox blocks images over 32,000px wide. Hense the 2 spritesheets. Is there a method to play only once the content is loaded?
  7. Hi there! I am making a png spritesheet sequence. It is going pretty well but cant quite get a seamless experience as you can see from the Codepen im having a few problems and would love some advice from you Greensock wizards. 1. When the code is loaded the assets are shown for a split second before the code hides them. is there a way to have these assets hidden on load? 2. I am using a quick fade in/fade out between png sequences which seems a bit clunky is there a way to make a more seamless transition. 3. Why is my second PNG sequence half transparent haha?! 4. Bonus points here but I would like for the still image to display until the spritesheets are all loaded. I know its quite a big question but any advice would be appreciated.