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  1. Is there a way to recreate this animation in gsap. Assuming some use of split-text. https://tobiasahlin.com/moving-letters/#10
  2. No sweat Carl! The animation is going so fast that i can just apply a different tween to it and it feels pretty seamless.
  3. Thanks Carl - this is *perfect* for my takeover scenario. Any thoughts on how i can stop this at a particular point (the #3) next (maybe with an ease bounce)?
  4. Having trouble figuring out 2 things on a project. when the button is clicked either have the tween go faster or have another tween "take over" from that point. Currently Im just resetting it but its not what I want. on the second tween/animation stop the animation at a specific point - in this case either of the two "3s" i have on the page - tried a label but failed miserably. thanks, in advance. M
  5. oh wow - I'm not familiar with roundProps but at a quick glance its exactly what I want - thank you!
  6. Agreed - I was going to dynamically change how much to change the number by based on how far along the animation was. After posting I stumbled upon this which I think covers my needs: For my specific project - I have a long table of values that Im quickly animating and I have another larger element thats "ticking up" (or summing, however fake) all those rows. I want both animations to end at the same time and appear to be in conjunction. I added a sloppy pen of what Im doing
  7. I have an animation where I'm changing a numeric value with each onUpdate call. its a canned animation. What I'm finding is different browsers have a different number of times its callback - id always like to finish *almost* at my final number. I can figure this out with a little math but need to know how many times the onUpdate will fire before it runs - is this possible?
  8. thats a very interesting take that I might be able to use as what I have is a canned animation. THANK YOU!
  9. Hey all, Working on a project where i need one element to fall onto another moving element. Because its in motion i cant simply use its X/Y coords. I was hoping there's some hidden gem that I can plug in to have it seek that out. Thanks!
  10. I was trying to avoid multiple lines but ... oh well Thanks for the quick reply and the extra bonus on the positioning.
  11. Long time, first time. I've just started a project where I'm going to attempt to move an element along an SVG Motion Path. Ive made some progress but I need certain things to happen at specific points on this path. Is there some type of callback that i can say "at point 283, run this function" then "at point 400, do this other thing?" and so on... I also don't get why i need to use the offset but the first part is, by far, my biggest hurdle.