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    Thanks guys. I got it working and mixed it with sprite sheet, so I'm very happy. I'm on my way and will see you guys around the form. I will join when I get some money. Money is hard to come by because I hate sales, but now maybe in a while I will be able to flash up my site with animations. Her is my first tween: http://hyque.com/test/walk-tween.html Thanks Again. Andy.
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    Hello all, I am brand new to GSAP. I am trying to get my fir "to" method working with an object (ball). I was following the official GASP Newbie video. I have tried every way to link to the interpreter files that I can think of. I am trying to do it all on one page. here is my link. note it is a little messy from trying so many options. can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? http://hyque.com/test/test.html Here is the PEN: /dyna1118/pen/RRoPgR Thanks in advance.