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  1. I have also this issue, but the probleme I face is that, it's not happening frequently, and I can not reproduce this "bug" i noticed that a movie that i pin to the bottom center of the stage sometimes wrongly positions itself, especially when i move to other programs or open other browser tabs, but as i said, it dose'nt happen always!! and that's the bad side! LiquidStage.pinObject (index_menu_bar, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_CENTER); maybe its something to do with the browser itself !? is there a certain timer on liquidstage!? or it is a Flash bug!?
  2. thank you man! i didn't think liquidstage has to to do something with liquiwrapper!
  3. Hi jack, I created a liquid wrapper container, to add content to it (loaded swf's) var global_container:LiquidWrapper = new LiquidWrapper(null, 1024, 767, "top", "center"); addChildAt(global_container, 1); is it possible to stop liquidwraper responding to page resize at a certain time? and still be able to view it's content? I mean, just disabling the scaling/resizing functions, and keeping the loaded content inside? thanx man!
  4. ok jack, thank you for your effort and time. I didn't pay attention to the description of LiquidWrapper! it would be better if a post on the blog exist to show the use of LiquidWrapper and shade some light on it. Thanx again.
  5. thank you jack for the replay. please find attached the example I created an example for the problem above, i didn't include the scripts as requested. i have : liquidStage v: 0.993 liquidWrapper v: 0.96 maybe it's due to old versions of the classes !? thank you.
  6. Hello Jack, I use LiquidWrapper to create a container for dynamically loaded swf pages, and use LiquidStage to keep the container of this pages well positionned on stage : // load swf page var tmp:MovieClip = new global_dump as MovieClip; var global_container:LiquidWrapper = new LiquidWrapper(null, 1024, 767, "top", "center"); addChildAt (global_container, 1); // if the global container needs stretching if (Capabilities.screenResolutionY < 901) { LiquidStage.stretchObject (global_container, LiquidStage.TOP_LEFT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_RIGHT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_LEFT, true); } else { LiquidStage.pinObject (global_container, LiquidStage.TOP_CENTER); } I re-size the navigator window and expand/maximize it.. the classes work just fine if the pages are in the range of 1024/767px, but, when i have a page generating some objects that exceeds the original height of the page 4000/767px, then do some resizing/expanding with navigator window, all I get is a tinny page : the container forces it self to be at 1024/767px even if it contains pages that exeeds this width/height. i hope i explained it well is it possible to modify the wrapper/liquidstage class so that it takes the original width/height of the page and stay stick to it no matter how the page width/height changes? NB: I don't want to post the fla here, so, if you want to check this example and see what it gives; use the above code to create a container, load an swf page to that contaioner, add a 5 second timer that addes big movie clips to the same loaded page, then resize/expand the window, you will see that your original page is now mimic. thanx for reading
  7. another bug is when i load content to the liquidbox then i remove it and reload another content, it doesnt keep the original size, it enlarges the new content, and , i have to manually scaleX and reposition in the center!!! did you test loading/removing childs from the liquidbox and see what they give? thank jack!
  8. i don't know if you have seen the example i sent, i reattache it agin so that you see the probleme with liquidbox. in this example i don't use liquidstage. thank you
  9. thank you jack for the reply, i attach an example of this issue to the post. please open the the b.swf an see it, then open a.swf and see how it decreases the b.swf size. also, could you please telle me how to use liquidbox and LiquidStage toghter: i nedd when liquidstage scales a movie clip to lets say; scaleX = 0.5, liquidstage scales thye scaleY to = 0.5 too. because now, whenever I have a widscreen laptop, liquidstage minimizez the movieclip without constraining proportions. // Liquid layout LiquidStage.init (this.stage, 1024, 767, 800, 565); // if the stage needs stretching if(Capabilities.screenResolutionX < 900 || Capabilities.screenResolutionY < 800) { LiquidStage.stretchObject(container, LiquidStage.TOP_LEFT, LiquidStage.TOP_LEFT, LiquidStage.BOTTOM_RIGHT, true); } else { LiquidStage.pinObject (container, LiquidStage.TOP_CENTER, true); }
  10. hello jack! if you have somthing outside the boundaries of the swf project, LiquidBox resizes automatically the swf object loaded inside it: create a document with 200/200px, create a mc that covers the whole document 200/200px then test LiquidBox --> everything is fine now add another mc to this document with 50/50px and place it under; x:-100 nad y:-100 --> LiquidBox bugs and resizes the whol swf so we can see the document! is it a bug or just a malfunction within my coding? thanx