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  1. Actually I might have another issue concerning the last pen you sent me. 


    When I move my cursor fast, the animation does not seem to update correctly and the squares keep changing color. 


    I've tried to remove easings, without results. My guess is this is linked to the stagger delay but I'cant find a way to correct it.

  2. Wow ! This exactly what I needed ! I'm glad I came back to check the forum. I guess I suck with theory and I need to play with the code to understand it well. Dispcom thread has it all. Thank you very much for this detailed reply OSUblake !


    I just coded an example to be sure I wont forget.


    See the Pen xgzpQP by m_90 (@m_90) on CodePen


    Thanks again !

  3. Thank you very much for taking time to answer me PointC !


    I'am a Gsap noob and I learned a lot from this topic. I now understand that I must kill or invalidate my timeline before updating vars.

    I still have difficulties to make this work on reverse but i'll try different options.

  4. Hello !


    I've been trying to resolve my problem by reading other topics linked to gsap / on.resize issues but i didnt found any proper answer.


    When I open the menu, the logo is working correctly and set it's position to center of the screen { y:0 } . However, once the menu is closed i cant manage to force the logo back to it's original position { y:-logoPosition +20 }. The values are not updating on "menuclosing state". 


    I must be messing with var updates but i'm clueless to make this work.


    Hope someone can help me !


    Thanks in advance :)

    See the Pen EZQaKL by martin_avisseau (@martin_avisseau) on CodePen