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  1. Bit of trial and error - but got there in the end.😎 https://codepen.io/sbest58/pen/vYLwVZy Thanks again
  2. Hi Shrug, the animation is rendered in Maya, the shark is swimming behind glass text. Maybe too subtle, but the effect is about the refractions in the bevelled edges of the glass. Steve
  3. Hi Zach have updated the sprite image.. removed all spaces and 2 images - the sequence is now left to right row by row frame size 720x405 Sprite sheet is now 7920x6480 . 11 columns and 16 rows file name SharkSprite2.jpg - same location as previous one. Cheers Steve
  4. Thanks Zach, I see what you mean about the space. If I export the sprite sheet from Animate with a white background you can see the spaces.
  5. Hi Zack, What I am struggling with is how to move the sprite sheet around. The example of the coffee drinker has a sprite sheet with just one row. Mine has 9 columns and 20 rows
  6. I was trying to avoid using all that code generated by Animate and just use a gasp timeline with the images sequenced either from the individual image files (178 of them) or from the sprite sheet being used by the animate code in the example.
  7. Hi Zach, Thank you for the link, Carl's course is very good. What I am struggling with is how to load 178 image files into a timeline. Alternatively how to load a sprite image that is laid out in a grid 9 columns 20 rows with the sequence running top to bottom of each column. Here is the example you worked on before controlling the Animate code, now with new sprite... https://codepen.io/sbest58/pen/WNrBdQx
  8. Hi Zach, Decided to try and optimise my scroll animation by using the example of the Apple AirPods instead of the bloated javascript from Animate. I am running into a couple of problems: 1. if you scroll up and push it at the top I get error messages because it is looking for image files with a negative number - 00-1.jpg etc. 2. I cannot set the scroll height correctly - it unpins and starts scrolling up half way through the animation. 3. I would like to use ScrollTrigger to control this but unsure where to start. 4. I am getting warnings in Safari: 'This web page
  9. Thank you Zach, that is brilliant. Cheers Steve
  10. https://codepen.io/sbest58/pen/xxZEqzE?editors=0110
  11. Hi Zach, Will try to get it into codepen but having issues with things like: <body onload="init();"> it runs on https://roguemotion.graphics/sharktest.html without any errors - but no scrolling happening. Steve
  12. Thanks Zach, The main thing I am trying to do is control a canvas animation with ScrollTrigger - see previous sharktest.html file. I do not seem to be getting anywhere - the animation just keeps playing and scrolling has no effect. Steve
  13. Do not understand what is going on with this. sharktest.html
  14. Also, is it possible to control the playback of a video from Vimeo? If so how? I do not understand how to: "Use the progress value and feed it to your video to control playback." index.html
  15. Hi Jack, I'm just after the basics. Here is a test with the shark as a canvas animation: https://roguemotion.graphics/sharktest.html Sorry could not work out how to put it on code pen. Steve sharktest.html sharktest.js