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Visual-Q last won the day on April 3

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  1. I was referring to the codepen. On your site: Re the video I'm a little confused what to you want it to be doing, currently it's sitting up at the top overlaying everything because you have position fixed on it. If you want the video to sit in its container try setting the video to: position: absolute and add to the row that contains it: position: relative At this point containing row with the absolute child element has no inherited height, if you want to set this and have video overflow hidden give it a height and set it's overflow properties a
  2. I cranked up the value to 1 to see it better and it seemed smooth enough to me at least within the limits of a normal wheel scroll, the only thing I can think of to smooth it out more would be a smooth scroller on the page. Are you seeing substantial jank in the parallax itself or just talking about the page scroll with a mouse wheel?
  3. Visual-Q


    Good job @jnutt367 keep at it you'll be a pro in no time! And welcome to the forum.
  4. Hi nurlan, Welcome to the forum, if possible please make a simplified example of the issue on codepen so we can have a look. It's very difficult to troubleshoot a live website.
  5. Check the console... 404 error on the video (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () } and I don't think you have gsap loaded (Uncaught ReferenceError: gsap is not defined)
  6. Query 2: I'm not sure if there is any more updated info but this post contains info on using with dynamic content:
  7. Such a simple way to create a looping Carousel. Thanks for posting that Craig, I missed it the first time around.
  8. I bumped you... Note it helps a lot if you simplify things and explain how it works. It's a bit much to expect people to first figure out how your project works in order to help you. I'm not sure what the issue is but if anyone wants to take a run at this the code you need to pay attention is at the end, it animates a fromTo of innerhml between two supplied values. Onupdate it formats the value presented in the innerHTML using the functions at the end. To make it work shift the semester hours right to a value in and select an option above and it
  9. Interesting... If you slow it down and you watch the logging, observe that it always returns 1 on the reverse of the Yoyo almost like it's counting two different states one iteration for the yoyo and a second for the repeat. Might be a bug https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/gOgwXxO
  10. Kind of hard to tell as I can never manage to commit Regex rules to memory. but if as you say it only fails with numbers including "," that would seem to point to a failure in the Regex. I would try logging out those values to be sure they are yielding the right results. Assuming an issue with Regex maybe this will help. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6649327/regex-to-remove-letters-symbols-except-numbers If no luck with this please try making a codepen if possible so we can take a closer look.
  11. You can do something like this but of course it's not actually distributing things like yours just overlaying them. Maybe Jack or someone will come along with some better advice. There's likely a better way to do it I'm not that familiar with this utility. https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/MWJezEQ
  12. Did you mean something like this? https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/PoWzdPj
  13. I don't think flex positions are directly animatable so you could use top, padding, margins , transforms... whatever you find easiest instead. You also might want to look at the new flip plugin https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/Flip https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/BapoWPB
  14. Does this do it, note as requested it starts to fade in when section 3 hits the middle however the box at that point is positioned in the center of that section which has only travelled halfway through the screen and therefore is at the bottom when it starts to become visible. https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/RwKWGgq
  15. Sorry wrong pen meant to post this one https://codepen.io/Visual-Q/pen/YzNyqmW