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  1. Hello guys, Is there a way (I'm sure there is but I do not know yet) to get the same animation in the images scrolling alternately? The top portion of the image scrolls to the left and the bottom portion scrolls to the right. Please see the url below. http://www.poigneedemainvirile.com/ My rough idea is to split the image in two and then create two handler for animations and trigger the animation at the same time. Is there better / more optimized way to do this? P.S. Been reading/studying GSAP for 2-3 weeks already. I have a bit familiarized myself with the concepts and now it's time to apply what I have learned so there are some learning curves. Please bear with me. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi I'm fairly new here at Greensock. I've checked the examples, contents and forum and I find it really awesome! When I checked on the showcase, I stumbled upon this website http://www.electricenjin.com I just wondered if there's a tutorial or any article on how to create a horizontal preloader used in the site. Thank you very much!