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  1. Thank you so much for helping me out! I've finalised the codepen, but this definitely appreciates some cleaning up.
  2. Thank you so much! I'm reading the docs to at least understand what was wrong without the labels... I added labels and it's working on my codepen but nothing shows on your codepen thou xD
  3. Yeah I did that yesterday (forgot to save it so in the pen it looked empty) but it didn't work. Now I added hoverHandLeft() and hoverHandRight() (line 400 & 417 respectively), each with yoyo: true and repeat: -1 inside. However, only the left hand is hovering.
  4. erm another question... after finishing all animation, I wanna animate the hands (same codepen) like's hovering up and down and keep them that way (one moving up left, one moving up right) What would be the best way to implement that? I've tried using repeat: -1 with yoyo: true on a new timeline but it doesn't work. On line 400, I implemented function hoverHandLeft() and added it to the master timeline after everything. Am I doing it the wrong way cuz a while back, I could only repeat: -1 and yoyo: true on 1 element.
  5. This is not related to the topic but do you have some advice how to advance on learning GSAP (and web animation in general?) I can do basic stuff but now I'm a bit lost how to progress properly.
  6. Well before I used the master timeline way, I just use a TimelineLite() and do everything on that timeline (fromTo, stagger, etc..) and everything worked. That's why I'm confused. But anyway I solved it. Turns out I shouldn't have named the function the same as the variable pointing to the SVG (very basic mistake indeed). Thanks for your help
  7. Hei, I'm doing a basic timeline test, making functions to return a timeline and use a master timeline to organize them. Most of them seemingly work as I intended, but some refuse to, and block the tween after that as well. Specifically here I have function clavicle() (line 337) to do a simple .to() and display the SVG out. It does not display anything when I run it and block the following tweens as well. Same with function eyes() (line 376) I'm afraid I might have overlooked something since it's just basic stuff...
  8. Thank you so much for saving me tons of time looking though the docs
  9. I'm trying to make a kinda widget that has the icon rolling from one side to the other, with an arc filling the same path. So I tried Bezier Easing plugin to make it similar to the css cubic-bezier but there's still discrepancy I wonder if there's a way to track the path and make the icon move along with the progress?
  10. Thanks a lot for your advice. Well I did start out with a basic course on ihatetomatoes so I got the basics of tweening, fromto, timeline, etc... Do you have any recommendations what to take next to take closer steps to what I wanted to achieve up there?
  11. Hi guys, I'm really new to GSAP and web animation. Just wondering how this effect can be achieved? (the dissolving letters at the end) I searched through a bunch of GSAP examples but most of them are creating particles or booming them up...