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  1. Ah yes, reading the documentation - might have helped
  2. Ok, it's taken me the whole day, but here it is... import {ColorPropsPlugin} from 'gsap/all'; const COLOR_PROPS_PLUGIN = ColorPropsPlugin; // eslint-disable-line no-unused-vars Was required, for some reason it's magicked into the development build, but not in the production.
  3. Hey, I'm having a bit of a weird issue, everything is fine whilst running in development - the codepen above is absolutely fine. However when I make a production release with webpack (the project started as an ejected react project), none of the values are changed on update. It feels like a scoping issue, but the onUpdate is called with the correct scope. I've tried tweening the colors as props of a separate class object, I've tried creating a new local object and tweening that, nothing appears to make it back from colorProps updated. If I production build the contents of that pen I just get the following output 29 times - in development you see the correct updates. 0 0 16777215 16777215 Does anybody have any ideas?