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  1. Hello! Before answering I wanted to do some further testing. The unexpected behavior was result of an old version of my code paired with Chrome Inspector but in a real scenario, the behavior is the one expected in mobile, both in Safari and Chrome. Now, this brings me to the second case scenario: There are two draggable instances, one for moving the parent container .sections horizontally, and another one to scroll each section vertically. When I leave out the second Draggable instance (of type "scrollTop", on each section), I can scroll vertically on the
  2. Hi guys! I'm having a bit of trouble here with Draggable util. I am trying to make a tabbed interface on mobile, made of a horizontal container which can be scrolled in the X axis with sections, and sections which can have any number of posts, and can scroll in the Y axis. With draggable, this works great in desktop when using a mouse, but when on mobile (Android, iOS, or Chrome Inspector as mobile), the X axis won't budge. You can watch it in action in the codepen. Any insight on it would be greatly appreciated