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  1. You can check my test webpage at http://luck.hounddev.com There's a problem with ship in first scene, with balloon in in 5th and with the car in the last scene.
  2. Hi. I have trouble with Safari browser positioning of elements with TweenMax x and y. In all browsers car at this position: But in Safari car at the another position: Code: TweenMax.to("#car", 0.1, {x: 530, y: 262, scale: 0.6, transformOrigin: "50% 50%"}); How to fix it?
  3. I have a lot (more than 60) svg files to load. Rewritten all their loader.
  4. I understood.. Need to wait until all SVGs will be loaded with when/then. Not the best option, but works.
  5. Can I do this outside of SVG loading function?
  6. So strange.. My code isn't working when I'm trying to animate <g> elements
  7. I'm loading my SVG files into different elements on my website. I'm trying to animate it with TimelineMax and it's didn't animated. I think it's because SVGs loaded dynamically and TweenMax didn't see them. How to animate them with TweenMax?