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  1. WOW. Exactly what I was trying to achieve. It seems I was doing it the hard way. I was able to achieve 80% but by doing manual calculations of top/left and was running into the responsive issue. The solution you provided solved both of the problems at the same time and in with just a few lines of code. Also, I wasn't aware of that we can use the onUpdate function and can use the SET function to update the values. A lot for me to learn Kudos to the awesome animation library and such an awesome and active community forum. Thanks.
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for the quick reply. I had already checked multiple examples of bezier plugin animating the objects on X and Y axis. The challenge in my case is, I am able to get the correct positions for the object to animate to, but the objects are already animated once from the center to the left and so setting up values in the bezier parameter doesn't work correctly. See the difference between the initial and the new CodePen URL to get more details about how I am trying to animate the object. Initial: http://codepen.io/murtazamalek/pen/wWvoOr Updated: http://codepen.io/murtazamalek/pen/NrWdrz For me, the end goal is to animate the links in that circular path but instead of linear animation, I want to move the object on circular path as well. Hope this all makes sense. Thanks.
  3. Hello, What an awesome animation library I must say. I am trying to work on some animation but having a hard time understanding the concept of bezier plugin. Please check the attached CodePen. What I want to do is, on the page load I want to animate all 5 links from the center of the screen to the left, which is a virtual arc and then I want to animate the links one by one along the arc path. Right now you will notice the links are animating but they are directly animating to the end position, whereas I want the links to reach their destination along the arc path. I tried using the bezier plugin "thru", "quadratic" and "cubic" types but none of them worked as expected. I am 100% sure I am missing something and so any help on this would be greatly appreciated. FYI: This animation library is so cool, it's net letting me sleep Thanks.