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  1. Thanks for the solutions Craig and Carl.


    Most of the examples I've seen are animating an item from point a to b in a straight line.

    If I want to tween point a to b, then c in a curved path, is gsap made to handle that?  

    Assuming each (.to) point is a keyframe, are there rules to adding keyframes between where it starts and where it lands?

    It seems like all my easing and timing is off when it happens when its in the timeline. 


    Building onto this, I'm also trying to integrate it with scrollmagic and am running into a bunch of issues when trying to reverse the animation. 

    I think these issues are coming about because of the middle keyframes?

    See the Pen MbXgVe?editors=0010 by phantomboogie (@phantomboogie) on CodePen

  2. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but thought I'd give it a shot given the amount of experience here. 


    Has anyone tried an entire animation workflow through Adobe animate CC? 

    Any pros and cons?

    Is the code usable? Are the export sizes small? does the outputed code easily sharable? 


    Up till now, I've been making prototypes in AfterEffects and coding the SVG files in an editor powered with greensock. It's not the most elegant workflow but I know how the sausage is made and the components I need, that and it works across browsers. 


    Most Animate CC examples I've seen seem to be either frame by frame animations or simple banner ads that don't have many moving pieces with not a lot of moving parts (aka Flash). I read Animate CC has greensock integration so it's not a matter of whether it works, but is it worth investing time to learn and use as my primary animation tool?


    Would love to hear if someone has experience in this. 


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  3. When I first load my page or when I refresh the page, my svg shows up for a split sec before it loads its starting position. 

    Not sure if it's showing up on codepen, but I have a ton of shapes and that might be causing the delay?


    Anybody encounter this know a solve?



    See the Pen YWVKZb by phantomboogie (@phantomboogie) on CodePen

  4. Hi,


    I'm coding a few animations for a site in a team.

    I'll be the sole developer coding the animations but will need to hand over the code and scripts to someone else in charge of implementing and building the rest of the site. 


    Would a single user permanent business green license work for what I'm doing?

    Or is there something else that I'd need?



  5. Anyone know how to loop the circle animation. 

    I tried adding (yoyo: False) to each of the lines but they're only looping their respective parts. 


    I'm trying to get the circle draw on and have the draw off be in the same direction. 


    See the Pen MeKoeo by hiytreblahiy (@hiytreblahiy) on CodePen