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  1. Hi, is there a way to preserve all an elements attributes and just exchange the Ids ? I translate and rotate both g collections and at some point I want to exchange ONLY the elements Ids, 0g becomes 1g and 1g becomes 0g, how can I do this ? This does not work: exchangeElms(gArray[0].id, gArray[1].id); function exchangeElms(param1, param2){ var temp = param1; param1 = param2; param2 = temp; }; <svg ....... <g id= "0g"> <rect class="base bring2" x= "0" y= "0" /> <rect class="dring2" x= "25" y= "25" width= "75" height= "75" /> </g> <g id= "1g"> <rect class="base bring2" x="100" y= "0" /> <rect class="dring2" x="100" y= "25" width="100" height= "75" /> </g> </svg>
  2. I'm having trouble with the dblclick recognition , could this be a gsab issue ?
  3. Thanks everyone, your really helping ! SmoothOrigin still only works for SVGs right ? Will this be changed in the near future ? Would be important for me ! cheers
  4. Thanks Guys, and where would I look for it in the Documentation ? Is it there at all ?
  5. How do I get the current rotation angle of an element ?