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  1. with version 3 of mCustomScrollbar you will need container.mCustomScrollbar("disable"); instead of "stop" Thank you, helped me solve my problem with jQuery Simple Slider.
  2. I updated all the files – still jumping Replaced Draggable 0.9.9 with version 0.9.6 and it's working fine. Sorry I don't have better news I will try to make a codepen. In your pen I can not see how you attached Draggable. Could you help me with that. Thank you
  3. No problem I like GSAP very much! The hole project is quiet complex and I am not very familiar with codepen and jsfiddle. Maybe two screenmovies can help? part of my code: /** make dragItem draggable */ this.dgbs = Draggable.create(this.dragItem.d, { type: 'top,left', edgeResistance: 0.5, bounds: {top: 0, left: 0, width: dob.w.w, height: dob.w.h}, throwProps: true, onDragStart: function() { window.dm.startDrag(); }, onDrag: function() { window.exc.drag(); }, onThrowUpdate: function() { window.exc.drag(); }, onThrowComplete: function() { window.exc.drag(); }, onDragEnd: function() { window.exc.xRew = this.xTgt; window.exc.yRew = this.yTgt; window.dm.endDrag(); } }); 0_9_6.mov 0_9_8.mov
  4. Hello today I installed the new version of draggable (VERSION: 0.9.8) and (some) of my draggables jump about 250 pixel to the right when they are selected. Going back to version 0.9.6 they behave like I expect and as they should. What changed from 0.9.6 to 0.9.8 so that I can adapt my code? Thank you
  5. Hello I like Draggable a lot! Question: is it possible / will it be possible to drag an object along an svg-path or canvas-path or within an non rectangular svg-shape / canvas-shape
  6. Hello i'm working with Draggable and the ThrowPropsPlugin - they are fantastic! However I have a problem. How can I get the final x, y position of the dragged object? When dragEnd is outside the boundery, ThrowProps will move the object back inside the boundery (very nice!) but where does it stopp? I'm working on a kind of mouse-follower, where one object follows the draggable one.
  7. Hallo I like tweenmax very much and use it a lot for all kind of tweenings. Now I have a problem and can't find a solution. Is there a way to get inverse colors with tweenmax? If an object is white it would be black afterwards, if it is red it would be some kind of green etc. Any other ideas than using tweenmax? Thank you