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  1. Just as you wrote this I had come to the same conclusion. But yes, you're entirely right. See my solution above. Thanks for your help. I caused myself a ton of frustration with this one. Marking as solved.
  2. UPDATE: I think I found the solution: Because I am using the .from() tween, setting t1's position to its final position BEFORE killing it, seems to solve the problem. The kill() does not reset the applied transform values on elements! So now my sample code would look something like this: var t1 = new TimelineMax(); t1.add(TweenMax.from($('#element1'), 1, { scale: '0.2', autoAlpha: 0, transformOrigin: 'center center', ease: Back.easeOut
  3. Hello everyone, I am currently creating a page that uses the GreenSock animation library to trigger animations as a user scrolls down the page. The interesting kink in this is that I need to swap out timelines I have created for the sake of responsive design (ie the animation graphics change to less complex ones when the page gets smaller.) This is a simplified test case from my actual page, but gets the same point across. The primary issue I am having is with using .pause() and instantiation of a new TimelineMax() that uses the same elements. For example, if I create a timeline with a Twe