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  1. I have installed gsap using bower and then used gulp with mainBowerFiles to compile it into my vendors.js minified file. However when I try to write any GSAP code, it simply says that TweenLite (or TweenMax) is not defined. Is there any help to be had in using GSAP in this way?
  2. I just added the gsap library to my web application. I have a set of notifications that appear, and in the case that it is a "sticky" notification (which can only be dismissed via code and not user interaction) it is meant to shake when it is clicked on. This works great in all browsers but does not work in IE at all. Apparently the issue is that the element that I am asking to animate with gsap already had a css "transition" property attached to the transform value. If I remove this property, then it will animate properly. I have not seen anything in the gsap forums/documentation to explain this behavior however. To be clear, my web application first makes the notification appear by adding a class (show-notification) to the div, which because of its transition property, animates it into view. I am then wanting to use gsap to animate it for a bounce animation in certain cases when the user clicks on it.