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  1. Hi all, quick question. I'm trying to build my first preloader, but when it finishes I want it to stay on screen, so I can interact with it later on, when the page is loader. I took the polylion example and edited it with a new svg. I would like the preloader to start normally and finish when 100% of images are loaded. I have a working animation on my codepen but I don't know where to add the imagesLoaded code which would be something like this: $('#content').imagesLoaded() .always( function( instance ) { // }) .done( function( instance ) { // }) .fail( function() { // }) .progress( function( instance, image ) { // }); How shall I proceed?
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create a page very similar to this one: http://stevenmengin.com/ . I started modifying this pen ( http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/XmozON ) to make it scroll vertically. I've also added some timeline animations and now If you see from my pen, on mousewheel down once and mousewheel up you get the correct animation. The box moves up and the box down for as many times you do it. But I can't get this to work for all slides. Something is wrong with my timeline keyframes (?). Also I couldn't replicate the slide down text effect, so I used opacity for the titles. Is this possible with a line of code? Any help will be appreciated.