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  1. If they are both children from a parent then would they both not inherit the bounce?
  2. Thanks, I have added the parameter and the moved the span (or tried to) but it still inherit the bounce from the h1? I'd rather it didn't have any bounce and just slid in a bit and went from 0 opacity to 1 https://codepen.io/heavymessing/pen/LYQJwKQ
  3. But can you have two different animations on the parent and child? In this case there is a bounce animation on the H1 and within the H1 are the span tags, how can I get an ease in animation on the span tag/s and not have them bounce in at the same time?
  4. Hi, In the codepn below the titles are the parent and the spans (the child inside the h1 are) the orange blocks. As well as fading in, I'm also trying to get the text to slide in a wee bit rather than just apear, or bounce in along with the orange block, is it possible to have two animation one fo the parane one for the child? Thanks
  5. Thanks this has put me on the right track now and this has helped too https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/rNpXXWq
  6. As part of the animation below I'm using GSAP cssRule to animate the coloured pseudo element/block across the screen. However because it's tied to the text block I can't get the block to appear first and then revel the text underneath. (Reason for using cssRule and the pseudo block is that I want to keep my HTML as semantic as possible and not crowd it with unnecessary divs.) Thanks
  7. Yas, like that! That's great thank you.
  8. Thanks for your reply. If you view the attached, I have highlighted what I would call the 'tail end' of the coloured block element. At this moment the end of the block disappears off screen, or eases out but what I'd like the block to do is slide over the text and instead of just continuing to slide fully off, I'd like the back end of the block (or maybe a smaller part of the block) to bounce at the end and on each bounce get smaller and smaller till it gets to zero.🙃
  9. I'm in the middle of making a block reveal that goes over a text heading which I have done but would like the tail end of the block to bounce at the end when it has finished going over the text. I would like the tail end of the block to bounce at the end of the animation to zero instead of the block disappearing off screen. I have tried all the relevant easing in the GSAP demo page but they just seem to make the block element fly all over the pace at the end? Thanks.
  10. That looks good, I'll have a go at that. Thank you.
  11. How can I have the following only becom active when the browser is a certain width, i.e. over 1024px? var actionBurger = gsap.fromTo('.burger', {autoAlpha: 0,}, {duration:0.3, autoAlpha: 1, ease:'power2.out', paused:true}); ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: ".header", start: "6px top", onEnter: () => actionBurger.play(), onLeaveBack: () => actionBurger.reverse(), }); Thanks
  12. Afraid your example doesn't show up in my browser Mac - Chrome or FireFox?
  13. Thanks, I see what you mean. Though it's odd that when pine I use 'pin: true' it's quite smooth? The only issue then is because it is pined it doesn't stay in the browser frame? https://codepen.io/heavymessing/pen/JjGOapW
  14. Maybe it's a scale thing? At mobile size my version seems to work quite smoothly, at the large scale the jerkier it gets. https://codepen.io/heavymessing/pen/JjGOapW
  15. Sorry. I just didn't want to keep reposting this link over and over again. https://codepen.io/heavymessing/pen/JjGOapW