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  1. Hi everyone,


    I'm trying to animate some objects (arrow heads) along the path of the arrow itself. CodePen attached. I'm attempting to use the BezierPlugin to achieve this, but transforms are being applied to the position of the arrow heads in a strange way. I'm sure there is a straightforward solution to this, but I can't seem to figure it out!


    Many thanks for any help provided, as always!

    See the Pen eRzMOW by thejamespower (@thejamespower) on CodePen

  2. Thanks all! Yes, Safari seems to go its own way with most things, spec' or no spec'. 


    From Jonathan's brilliant reply,  hardcoding the transformation on the <g> parent or using GSAP to set it with the AttrPlugin appears to work in both Safari's on MacOS and iOS.


    Thanks again for the help and as always, brilliant support  :ugeek:

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  3. Apologies if this has been covered before, could't locate it in the forums or on StackOverflow etc.


    Currently working on a nice little horizontal slider that controls animations for an e-learning project. Unfortunately we work for big pharma who still mandate IE8 support (I know :oops: ).


    Anyway, it seems I've come across a little bug where on using the onThrowComplete method to calculate the end position via 

    this.endX / this.maxX * markers.length

    fails in IE8. On closer inspection is appear this.maxX returns NaN in IE8. 

    Anyone have any ideas as to what's happening?


    Cheers  :mrgreen: