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  1. Thanks Carl, This solution works perfectly, but unfortunately not in my case. When that codepen starts every tweens original x/y values are at exactly the same place (all values are relative to the same starting point) On mine the blocks are in different containers. Take a look at my updated pen with that code. this.startX and this.startY is always zero. Do you think the only way to achieve this is to start all elements in the same container with pos absolute and then move them to where they need to be initially ? Or it there any way of calculating the correct xy values to
  2. Thanks, I have looked through them . The drop test part is working fine , my issue is animating the swap between two elements When i drag an element onto another element, the dragged element should move into the place where the element is dropped (I have this working) Then the dropped element should move (animated) back to the dragged elements original position. I just need some help with the logic of this, i've tried various methods Edit, I have solved it by swapping the elements inside a wrapper using java script, then tweening the dragged wrapper (with the new element inside) b
  3. Thanks for the response. I have seen that demo, unfortunately it doesn't always swap elements, it just shuffles all the other elements around and slots the dragged element into a space. I need this to perform direct swaps between two elements and no other should be moved
  4. I have been trying to use draggable to create a swap effect using various tutorials and examples found here. If you take a look at the codepen, the ondrop function basically needs to complete the swap: 1. The dragged element should move to the position pf the dropped element 2. The dropped element should move to the dragged elements starting position http://codepen.io/chrismcnally/pen/aNMVwQ I have tried a few things but i fear i am going about it the wrong way Id appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction Thanks