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  1. Hi all, I want to make some products turning 360° with app. 30 pictures. And I love GSAP!!! Is there some samples or links to get ideas for such project with GSAP? THX TELLO
  2. @os0wski Oh I did a big mistake. In your timeline i found it. I forgot my later timeline, where I scale again. So I can set and scale like hell before without result. 🤪
  3. Hi all, I use the PIXI Plugin for some BCG pictures. How can I change the size of the image? I use it like this... but it means only the wrapper is "responsive". But the picture/image themselves is not smaller. So on small devices not nice... wrapper.width = app.screen.width; wrapper.height = app.screen.height; wrapper.append(app.view); image = PIXI.Sprite.from(bcg); image.anchor.set(0.5); image.x = app.screen.width / 2; image.y = app.screen.height / 2; image.alpha = 0; $(window).resize(function () { image.x = app.screen.width / 2; image.y = app.screen.height / 2; }); I also tried to change as test the size of the picture direct like this: image.width = 10; image.height = 20; // or image.scale.x = 0.5; image.scale.y = 0.5; But no difference. Any help?
  4. Hi all, I guess its simple what I need. I change with my timeline the color from one element via variable color_01. .to(hex_06_gradiant_0, {attr:{offset:'0'},stopColor: color_01, ease: 'power4.out'}, 0) If I call the timeline again with .play(), I want to change the value of color_01. I expected its possible to send the new color with play() like: function changeColor() { let color_01 = offset_02_01; let color_02 = offset_02_02; tl_menu_color.play(color_01, color_02); } But its not working. What is the approach to do this? PS: I found solution to put the whole timeline in a function. THX
  5. @ZachSaucier Sorry for the misunderstanding. I changed the parallax div to a frame position: relativ, overflow: hidden and inside a bigger one absolute, what I move now. So it works without any spacing. I guess it was only my primitiv way to start doing it
  6. I move just a relative element. So the way it moves faster, it creates a space. Guess i must make it absolute as a bigger picture and overflow hide in a relative container.
  7. Hi ZachSaucier, if I have 2 div and I move the top faster up to the top of viewport. gsap.to(first-div, { yPercent: -20, ease: "none", scrollTrigger: { trigger: first-div, toggleActions: "restart pause reverse pause", start: "center center", scrub: true } }) Result = the next div will move normal speed of the site. There will go a cap bigger and bigger to the second div. Is there a way to fix this in the script? Like when you pin, you get cap too and you can use the pinSpacing: false. Just asking if there is some magic code for this case too?
  8. Hi all, if I move a div with ScrollTrigger faster up. There will be space to the following div. Is there a way - like the pinSpacing: false - to get this space closed? Or must I create a container and move them too to fix this space? Thanks TELLO
  9. @ZachSaucier by the way... To add a var was my first idea. But I was not able to do this. How can I add this additional to my line, where I have my function already? onEnter: () => tl_navi_mini_ani.play(), myvar = true,
  10. Ok - I found a solution myself. I add a ID to the ScrollTrigger and I ask for isActive. Works for me....
  11. Hi all, how can I get in other function if the ST navi_second is pinned or not? ST gsap.to(navi, { scrollTrigger: { trigger: navi_second, endTrigger: "", end: () => "+=" + $(document).height(), pin: true, pinSpacing: false, onEnter: () => tl_navi_mini_ani.play(), onLeaveBack: () => tl_navi_mini_ani.reverse() } }) Here I need if pinned or not: $(navi_second).on("mouseenter", function () { console.log(navi_second.ispinned_or_not) }); THX for help TELLO
  12. Hi all, how can I install the GSAP "ShockinglyGreen" package with Webpack-Encore? I mean how to get the +PLUS library in my node_modules with yarn or npm? Thank you
  13. @mikel Not sure if I was clear. I need to get wich li Element is going to be visible. I understand to load and make the array. I also understand your code to make something if the animation starts. But I must know which number in the array is visible. To understand: let’s say red green blue = li 1 2 3. and I want to change some class from icon outside the whole list. If red I show red icon and on. But for this I must know wich list element is going visible.