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  1. No . I am just using same video for three of the masks. Normally it will be 3 different videos , But the animation effect will be zoom in and zoom out . (scale to 5 and then sclae back to 1) just like in the following codepen. Meantime , thank you so much for your effort on helping me , it means a lot.
  2. Yes , You got it , Thats what i want to do , but with the video. I got that working , actually I animated the cameraitems before adding the video to test whether scalein and scaleout works smoothly , it worked , but when i add videos to it , it started being buggy , The codepen you have shown is the animation effect i am trying to reproduce , but with video in it , I need the whole div to be zoomed in and zoomed out
  3. Hi @Jonathan. Thank you very much for the reply , I have tried what you have said , I have added preload to the video and I have started tweening after the window load , please check the codepen Is there anything I am missing ? because it still hangs when zooming out,(( check the horizontal slanted lines between videos))
  4. https://codepen.io/jeffin417/pen/WXJrjR you can see that the video kind of shutters when zoomin's end time and zoom out's start time
  5. Hi @OSUblake. No i have tried it with different videos and still experiencing the same issue Also I have three videos to be merged in a single video and animate it , at that time there is a huge slowdown of videos , please wait , i will provide another codepen
  6. hi @OSUblake. You are a life saver, please help
  7. Hi , I have a application where i need to zooming the video at some point of time , but the video zoom is buggy at sometimes , can you provide me any solution, it is not very smooth . I have attached some sample code with the codepen , Don't ask about lot of Div's , because i had removed lot of DOM's for easy understanding. In the example , I have zoomed in the video for scale 5 and zoomed out to scale 1. You can see that there is some hanging here and there , Please help.
  8. I think Carl should stop answering flash related questions , so noone would ask
  9. Hey i got another serious issue , now from the following pic you can see that the bezier path is set and when you click tween the mc automatically turns upside down or anything based on the curve , like right now its around 180 degree and for a different curve the starting rotation is different , how can i find the first initial rotation so that i can reduce it and make it play from 0 rotation I hope you understand what i mean , i am trying to run the bezier where the initial rotation doesnt change , i know we can change the autorotate array for bezier but for that i need to know the initial rotation or tell me how can i make my mc not rotate and auto rotate along the same initial rotation along the path ?
  10. tried this code and got this error 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method progress through a reference with static type com.greensock:TweenLite.
  11. Hi, Sorry for buggin you again , Let me tell you a scenario which am facing right now , I have a mc which will move along the bezier curve and a button which will start the play and bezier points , you have an autorotate option where you will rotate the mc along the path. so i need to know what rotation will the mc will be at the end of play , because when auto rotate is enabled my rotation at start will be 0 but by the end of the play it will be ???? i need to know that value before the tween happens , please help!
  12. Hey I just saw another post from you , an user asked how to rotate the mc along the center point in bezier , you have suggested a formulation to be placed in the onUpdate function , i tweaked the formula and it worked for me , thank you very much ! you just saved me a lot of time .
  13. I created a tween where there is a bezier curve and my object will move along the bezier curve , it is working perfectly , but the thing is it is not around the center point , so i created a new tween plugin and played it along with the same tween but i cant able to do it because i cant able to get the second tween's output where i have to center the object
  14. so i have few number of tweens so when i use this function the last one which is accessing the function is getting tweened , for example i have 3 mc's and each mc will do this as i am using timeline max all the tweens will be done at the same point of time so the last tween which access this will change , the other two wont change , any suggestions?
  15. playerEffect = TweenMax.to(mc,1,bezier:{follower:mc2,curviness:curvinessBezier,values:bezierArray}); playTimeLine.add(playerEffect,0); As it is a confidential project i cant post it , but it look somewaht like this and i have added the scaleX,scaleY properties are added in the end still it wont move and scale along the path.
  16. Hi , i cant change registration point , i have scaled my target but still i cant able to change the x , it starts from a point and ends at a different point , but it scales but x point is not changed. and i am using a bezier curve actually ! so using bezier values.