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  1. Is there any update on this topic ? Still my text is glitching I have read the detailed blog about will change written by Carl i think , But still not sure how to fix this issue
  2. Hi I know there is a way to seek gsap timeline using t1.play(time, suppressValue) so if i set the suppressValue to false , all the previous events(add callback, onstart, oncomplete) will be called right ? Is there a way to enable onComplete events alone without enable all the events?
  3. Hi @mikel i am sure about the delayed call , but what am asking is am trying to get the toal progress so if the repeat is more the total progress will be somewhat like 0.8-0.7 while you pause it in the end i want the progress to be 1 when we pause
  4. Hi this is a new question lets consider that i have a timeline t1 the total duration is of the timeline t1 is 8 and but i want that to repeat once , but the total time should not exceed 12 seconds so basically the first loop will be a normal animation and the second one would be a part of it
  5. @mikel thanks, yes i understand but see in the following link the time is keep on increasing https://codepen.io/jeffin417/pen/ExjGVxq?editors=1011 i just need the time to stop and end play at 10 seconds
  6. Hi I have a timeline with two tweens the two tweens are 8 seconds each and repeat is set to be -1 so that it is infinite so the timeline's whole time is now showing as infinite . I want to set the timeline time to a specific amount without actually changing the timescale timeline.set({}, {}, time); will work , it works only if the time is greater not lesser. how to actually achieve this?
  7. ?Just like this https://codepen.io/sheriffderek/pen/VPVoVa Here the tween stopped when the audio is paused But what i need is the audio to be stopped when the tween is paused
  8. Hi Is it possible to control a html video tag's playback using GSAP Right now what am doing is using GSAP's callback function to start two/three videos But is it possible to pause the video when the timeline is paused as well
  9. This is kind of what i need , I will check it right away
  10. Hi I have created a tween using custom easeas following TweenLite.to(graph, 2.5, { ease: CustomEase.create("custom", "M0,0,C0.126,0.382,0.282,0.674,0.44,0.822,0.632,1.002,0.818,1.001,1,1"), y: -500 }); The above tween is added to a timeline As it is mentioned in the docs that we have to create the custom ease on beginning of each webpage load, I want to clear/destroy the customease now , I have killed the tween and profiled the webpage in chrome but still seeing that the custom ease is not being removed. is there a function like customease.clear() there to do this thing ?
  11. here you can see that the scaleX values is -0.5 but when am trying to set it to -1.5 it flips the image, instead it should grow the image 1X times. Am i doing it wrong? why do i need 0.5? because it need to look flipped.
  12. Works perfectly , I am tired of saying thanks to Osublake again and again, So I ll buy coffee for you. there you go ☕