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  1. PointC's - that helps a lot! Your Solution works great for me.Thanks! Ohem, thanks for your effort, your solution looks good too, but I have to use TimelineLite. Again, thanks a lot! Best regards Christi4n
  2. Hallo, I've tried the follwing code: var i = 0; var tl = new TimelineLite({ onStart:function() { i++; if (i <= 2) { this.set({}, {}, '+=1.0'); this.to("#firstitem,#seconditem", 1.0, {autoAlpha: 0,ease:Power1.easeInOut}); } },onComplete:function() { if (i <= 2) { this.restart(); } } }); tl.from("#firstitem", 1, {autoAlpha: 0, x:100,y:-100,scale:3.0,ease:Power1.easeInOut}); tl.from("#seconditem", 1, {autoAlpha: 0, x:50,y:-50,scale:3.0,ease:Power1.easeInOut}); // ... and so on But it won't work. The first time OnStart is fired it changes the timlines for all following loops, included loop 3. Thats what I'm trying to get: After every loop all animated elements has to fade out, except for the last loop. All animated elements should stay. Because of filesize I have to realise this with TimelineLite. Thanks for your help! Beste regards Christi4n