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  1. Oh I see. Thanks so much ZachSaucier.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to get a tween to reverse inside a loop that targets multiple elements. When one clicks on a menu item, it opens that menu's next sibling node by tweening the width and once you click the same menu again, it closes by reversing the animation. I'm not sure what I'm missing with the reversing part because it stops reversing once it's inside the 'for loop' on the click to close. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Yes, that was the issue. Thank You
  4. I found this pen as I was searching for a solution in the forums. It's using Ver. 1.18.4 and it helped me understand something I was trying to achieve but I noticed that the part for toggling the 'show' class doesn't work with newer GSAP versions specifically 2.0.2. I even changed that class toggling section to the code below but it doesn't help. Is there something I'm missing or how would I make it work with ver 2.0.2? Thanks in advance. function step_1() { //$article.removeClass('show') tl.set($article, {className: '-=show'}); } function step_2() { //$('.num_' + initTabNum).addClass('show') tl.set($('.num_' + initTabNum), {className: '+=show'});
  5. Hi This is part of a bigger animated timeline but I just put the part where am stuck. I'm stuck on how to reverse and play a timeline based on a mouseover event because they keep stacking on top of each other. As per the codepen example: The 'Main Title' staggers in, staggers out and the first div loads (expertise01). If you hover over any of the 'Sub - Titles', it reverses the timeline on the currently loaded div and plays the requested div. Note on mouseout, I'm hoping to have the div stay in place until another mouseover event occurs. Appreciate the help.