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  1. Thank you so much! You know, it's kinda funny. As I was constructing the codepen, I noticed and remembered that I had 'will-change' on that selector. I remembered how will-change was supposed to be helpful (in the beginning) but became much more harmful for developers to use. I deleted 'will-change' on my project to test it out and for some reason, it wasn't changing anything. But now that I try it again, it seems to be back to normal and working correctly for me. Also, thanks for the little tip on performance with starting the timeline in a paused state. This will help a lot! Yo
  2. Thanks! I have created a reduced codepen demo. Hopefully, that will help you guys pinpoint the issue on Chrome. I also added .photo_item > img { display: block !important; } to the pen like you said. Let me know what you think. http://codepen.io/schmolzp/pen/zojmPw
  3. Thanks for the reply. On the elements I am animating in, they are display: block, so I don't think that's the issue here. The strange thing is that when you click on the button, it will start animating great and then once it gets to the third batch of photos it starts to screw up. Several months ago, it was working great in Chrome. It would do exactly as it does now in Firefox/Safari. Are you able to see the issue I am talking about in Chrome? Thanks again for any help you can provide!
  4. Hi, I created this page several months ago and everything was working great on all major browsers. Now when I check it on chrome and click on "See their time fly", it will start the animation and look good until it starts to render weird and only show part of a photo. Eventually it just kind of breaks. Do you have any idea why this is happening? This page continues to work great on Safari and Firefox. Here is my code: var photoItem = $('.photo_item'), groupOne = $('.group-one .photo_item'), groupTwo = $('.group-two .photo_item'), groupThree = $('.group-three .photo_item'),
  5. Thank you! I had already tried to use the master timeline way, but couldn't get it working (obviously I was doing it wrong haha). Your code helped me to understand how it needed to be written. Works great now! Thanks again! Out of curiosity, do you know why my restart button wasn't working on my original code? Shouldn't the false parameter make it execute the callback in my timeline?
  6. I think this library is awesome and works great! Thanks for taking the time to make it So I am building a page that when you click on a button, a bunch of photos will fade and scale down into random positions in a container. I have made three different timelines for each group of photos that will incrementally increase in speed until the last group which will slow back down again. The animation is smooth and works great. My problem is I have created a button that will slide out when that last timeline finishes. When someone clicks on it, I want to be able to just replay the entire animation