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  1. Perfect, that makes sense, thank you Jack! I understood the add() function when you referenced the parameter passed as a callback
  2. Hey GSAP! I have a question regarding the ticker function and if the add() function of the ticker will add it to the list of functions it will tick through or if it starting a new global timeline / instance of the ticker? In the example below I created a scene with two classes. The first class I have a render loop using the gsap.ticker and another class that passes the gsap.ticker and uses the add() function for another render loop. In this case are bother the squares rendering in the same tick or am I creating another ticker when it may not be necessary? Example: https://jsfiddle.net/mr_parrott/x21dnhbk/28/ Thanks for your time!
  3. Hey Gsap! I'm looking for a way to create a infinite loop but on every iteration it is a new animation based on a if statement. I had a repeat:-1 called in the timeline with 'random()' utils within the tween, now I'm starting to play around with alt variations on repeat and chose to go a class based function approach. In the below code snippet I'm looking to pass the instance of timeline, I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find 'tl' onComplete to pass to a new class call window.addEventListener("load", () => { let tl = gsap.timeline({ onComplete: function () { new Anim(this); //how do I pass tl onComplete? } }); let start = new Anim(tl); }); thanks for your time!
  4. Hello @GreenSock, Sorry for the confusion, hope this helps clear up the question In the docs for the gsap ticker is says the following 'You can add your own listener(s) to run custom logic after each update (great for game developers)' Link: https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/gsap.ticker I was hoping to get some help on how to attached listeners for custom logic onto the ticker, for example is there a way to check if the tick has updated or if there is an error during the tick event? Please let me know if this helps, Thank you
  5. Hey GSAP! Looking for a way to watch if the 'gsap.ticker' has updated, any suggestions? Read in the docs you can add your own listeners to run custom logic after each update, are there any examples available for this custom logic? Is there a best practice for adding custom functions, for example 'gsap.ticker.onUpdate()'? Thanks for your time!
  6. This is to awesome! Thanks for sharing your insights! This video helped with splitting the text into different shapes in AI The split letters is to much manual labour so I build a split text version of this effect for each letter so that it is a scale able solution since I will need to do this effect for hundreds of copy blocks in different languages. I used the split text approach to have to different color copy and use the divs that split text provided and having over flow hidden on those div's. This way I can mask each letter in and have a reusable animation for the other copy blocks. Cheers!
  7. Hey GSAP! Looking to recreate this text effect but I have hundreds of different copy blocks needing to achieve this same effect. As of know from my understanding I will need to make a custom SVG mask for each copy block that needs this effect but I was wondering if there was a way I can achieve this effect without the repetitive work. Is there a way to line draw in the text with the split text plugin? Here is a link to the effect, Thanks for your time!
  8. Hey GSAP! Is there a benefit to rendering a gsap animation with the ticker compared to 'requestAnimationFrame()', my thought would be that the objects in the scene would render on the same wave as gsap. When I try to use the ticker instead of 'requestAnimationFrame()' I am unable to access the constructor of the class. Let me know your thoughts, thanks! //this.animate(); gsap.ticker.fps(60); gsap.ticker.add(this.animate); } animate() { //const game = this; //requestAnimationFrame(function () { game.animate(); }); this.renderer.render(this.scene, this.camera); }
  9. Hey Mr. GreenSock, Converting over to GSAP 3.0 but am a little confused how to target an array of elements when Tweening. Here is the way I used to be able to do it, TweenMax.to([green, orange, grey], 1, {rotation: 27, x: 100}); But this no longer seems to work Any helpful hints to targeting multiple elements?
  10. This answer was perfect, thanks @ZachSaucier!!!!
  11. Hey GreenSocks! Is there a possibility that autoAlpha variable with in gsap can be targeted in order to convert all the opacity/alpha used with in a document?
  12. This is very awesome thank you OSUblake!!!!
  13. Currently faced with a problem of not being able to find the center of the particles, when I scale I am not sure where the ctx.translate point is. In the function "pixelOverlay.prototype.draw" this is where the ctx.translate registration point is set but as I animate all the particles come from the far right when I am hoping to scale from the center and still animate x/y value. Thank for your time!!
  14. Hey GreenSock, Have a media spec sheet that is asking for the FPS to be 24, what is the default FPS and where can it be found in the Docs? Thanks!