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  1. so many issues like mine but older version of gsap without solution :"( @ZachSaucier
  2. My goal is clear dont attention to codepen example can we update gsap props with condition ? if else statement ? for example if want to have diff duration or ease or any gsap props or Reverse or any condition what should I do ?
  3. this.menuTimeLine = gsap.timeline({ paused: true, }); this.menuTimeLine .fromTo(this.ref.menu, { x: "-100%", }, { x: "0%", duration: this.state.open ? 0.3 : 2, ease: this.state.open ? "linear" : "expo.out", }, 0).reverse() if (this.menuTimeLine.reversed()) { this.menuTimeLine.play() } else { this.menuTimeLine.reverse() } Button.addEventListener('click', () => { if (this.menuTimeLine.reversed()) { this.menuTimeLine.play(); } else { this.menuTimeLine.reverse() } }) Update Prop or Tween value conditionally whatever it is normal gsap or gsap timeline In Gsap version 2.x.x updateTo can update tweening values or gsap props but what to do in gsap 3.x.x or Gsap vars can help in this issue ? in Codepen example dynamic ease or duration ? besause timeline is outside of onClick ?
  4. here's updated codepen example sometime repeat works sometime stops at end https://codepen.io/riccardo051/pen/mdPmOag
  5. @ZachSaucier @GreenSock @OSUblake @mikel Hi again how to update Modifier value with Scroll Direction ( not separate rightToLeft leftToRight wrap function ) coz its wrap just in one direction ( scrollTrigger direction ) if you change direction ( negative timeScale ) it stop at end of tween not keeping the loop continue another question how to use wrap without Absolute positioning coz we may have different text and different width size in Scrolling container ? can you guys do a favor and make a best solution for us its really hurts when you can't find solution 😭😭😢
  6. No Thanks @ZachSaucier and @GreenSock only wrapping loops I have to practices with modifiers If I have question I will came back xD
  7. @GreenSock https://codepen.io/riccardo051/pen/mdPmOag Math code commented down below of js panel looks like Math helpers some of them can't work with negative values so returns NaN it's not Gsap error I just want to get best value from getVelocity with best helper you suggesting
  8. Take a look at this example Progress bar indicator while scrolling at end of scrolling progress bar hides I want to use ScrollTrigger width on scroll and hide it slightly at the end ? how to set delay on property in ScrollTrigger ? or we have to use two scrollTrigger one for width one for hide ?
  9. @ZachSaucier Thanks for help getVelocity parameter helps me but How to get best velocity size coz it's generate big number while scrolling and timeScale is gets really faster getVelocity / 100 ? Math helpers? https://codepen.io/riccardo051/pen/mdPmOag Many repetitive topics I see in Gsap fourm is how to get best wrapping loops and that my question too
  10. hope this Topic help others like me only thing It came to my mind: pasue a timeline while scrolling ? and then play it while no scrolling ?
  11. How to create this animation like Cuberto Idea Without jumpy at end of repeat and while ScrollTriggering or Scrub and how to get scrollDirection with ScrollTrigger API Cuberto use idiotWu scrollbar plugin for scroll direction
  12. sry i dont see that link that solve my problem thanks
  13. Hello I have question about how to use gsap in React and Specially in Gatsby I have installed gsap new version with npm install ./gsap-bonus.tgz In my gatsby-browser.js I define all plugins Globaly so use all those features without import them in another files only gsap.to() works here is my gatsby-browser.js: /** * Implement Gatsby's Browser APIs in this file. * * See: https://www.gatsbyjs.org/docs/browser-apis/ */ // You can delete this file if you're not using it import gsap from "gsap" import ScrollTrigger from "gsap/ScrollTrigger"; import CSSRulePlugin from "gsap/CSSRulePlugin"; import CSSPlugin from "gsap/CSSPlugin" gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger, CSSPlugin, CSSRulePlugin); Pls help or update GreenSock React Tutorial and GreenSock NpmUsage :'(
  14. simple web design :)