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  1. Thanks @GreenSock I was mostly curious about best practice in a situation like this.
  2. Sorry @GreenSock must have been a bit to fast and furious You mentioned that probably canvas would be a better option so I was looking for a way to update the canvas with GSAP but could not find anything in the documentation on how to do that best with GSAP. I was wondering if there would be a better approach then the empty Object?
  3. Sorry forgot to add to my previous post: Is there a good Greensock way to update a canvas draw function over a duration? So you would have access to the current time value in the draw function without the use of a sudo reference element? function draw() { // scale the circle over time console.log(this._time); } TweenLite.to({}, 2, {onUpdate: draw});
  4. Thanks @GreenSock for the clarification and follow up!
  5. Thanks @mikel for your reply! Wound't it be better for performance reasons to avoid tweening width & height?
  6. Thanks @GreenSock for your fast reply and cubic-bezier() explanation. Unfortunately the start and end point of the scale will change. I've done quite a few tryouts with different CSS properties and unfortunately non of them worked in my case. What confuses me is the fact that the animation runs smoothly at the beginning and gets jittery in the end?!
  7. Hi again Greensock gang Unfortunately the issues I had before are still unresolved so I writing with the hope someone could point me in the right direction. To start off the ease function from @OSUblake woks great in scaling parent and child elements simultaneously. Continuing working with it I noticed that when scaling the parent element (mask) in Chrome, so it covers the screen, it's jittering (see clip attached) in the end of the animation. I've tried a number of things without any success: - Initially overusing the parent element (mask) so we can scale to 1 instead of 10. - Rounding the numbers while transforming with the Modifiers & RoundProps plugins. - Forcing the animation to render in translate3d. - Adding backface-visibility & will-change to the mask. - Removing border radius & and overflow hidden which made it more smooth but unfortunately for my design I would need a sphere and to hide the content underneath. Would there be a way to interpret the ease function into a css cubic-bezier curve? Or a way to make the animation smoother? Safari and Firefox work much better. Thanks for your help chrome_scale_jittering.mov
  8. Thanks @Jonathan for the detailed followup! Sometimes all you need is the right direction to be able to google Thanks for taking the time!
  9. Hi @Jonathan I'm looking for a way to optimize the scroll performance with GSAP and I've been wondering why the browser scroll gets triggered before the GSAP ticker or if there is a better way to get the most out of the scroll?
  10. hanslibuzli

    Double scroll

    Hi everyone I stumbled over a parallel scrolling issue and was hoping maybe someone would have some input I created a simplified version of my issue in the CodePen attached. I have two main containers with overflow: scroll one of them is fixed and overlays the other. When I scroll the overlaying container the background container should also scroll the same amount. Since the overlaying container blocks the background containers scroll I update the scroll position with JS. Unfortunately it seems the browser scroll is triggered before the eventListener which results in a jaggy experience. Even GSAP's rAF ticker is not fast enough.. Any ideas?
  11. Hi @Jonathan Thanks for your tip! In the end will-change: transform did the tick for me
  12. Hi @OSUblake Thanks for the tip with the ticker! The mouse cursor runs really smooth now Ive been wondering why you would remove the ticker event again? Wouldn't it be best to just let the remove the mousemove event and tap into the ticker and update the curser there?
  13. Thank you @OSUblake for the follow up and hope you had a good start into the new year! Out of curiosity Is GSAP using one continuously running rAF loop where we add our tween to or do we create a new rAF function/call with every new tween? I noticed that Safari has some issues following the scale and leave behind a trail (see video attached) - any idea on how to get rid of it? Thanks! Safari_scale.mp4
  14. Thanks @OSUblake for the follow up and elaborations! I'm a bit puzzled about the requestAnimationFrame call. Maybe there is something I don't fully understand but I thought GSAP is using requestAnimationFrame for its animations so why do we add yet another layer to the mix? And does this means that you would use your requestAnimationFrame method as well for scroll and resize handlers for better performance or would a variable flag be enough?
  15. I added now a small delay of 0.1 seconds which helps with the jittering but it would be great to have it without the delay. Any ideas?