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  1. You now scale the entire canvas with your tween. So what you see makes sense. I don't have much experience with canvas but if all circle elements have the same class like '.randCircle' than that's the thing you have to tween. It then will scale all items with that class.


    Sitting in a bus right now and not sure if it works that way also in a canvas but you have to think in that direction I think.



    i done with this process to create same class for all element. i have to do with only with  canvas.

  2. i want to make a animation where circle is created randomly using canvas and i want scale all the circle at the same time with their origigin X and Y.

    please help me solve this issue .

    i have generated the circle but they were not scaling when i scale property it scale the  whole circle as a single object.

    please help me

    thank you.



    here is a codepan link  


    please solve this i want every circle should scale.

    See the Pen QNObbd by rk25028 (@rk25028) on CodePen