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  1. Ah, sorry for the complex example. I've simplified the codepen a lot. I simplified it down as much as I could on my site too, but it still runs in reverse on safari. I could figure out some hack for safari, but I'd rather figure out what's actually going on. Again, I appreciate any input. =) http://codepen.io/cweber105/pen/VaMZzv
  2. Ok. Here's a codepen for the animation. http://codepen.io/cweber105/pen/VaMZzv It runs fine in the example, but perhaps you can spot something in the code that would cause it to run in reverse in Safari. If it makes a difference, I made the svg in Inkscape. Any input would be appreciated - I'm still trying to get my bearings on a lot of this.
  3. Started using GSAP a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. So easy to make amazing animations. So I have an animation for the main page of my website, but for some strange reason, part of it is running backwards in Safari. It starts with a strokeDashOffset animation for the outline, the fades in the fill by raising the fillOpacity. It runs wonderfully on Chrome, but somehow, the first part of the animation runs backwards in Safari. The strokeOffset starts at 0 (i.e. the outline is present), then slides out, and THEN the fill fades in. So only part of the animation runs backwards, not the whole thing. Any thoughts? I'm not familiar with posting on codepen yet, but I can do that soon if needed.