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  1. I'd like to enlarge rotate and resize handler icon in the transformanager. ex) move, rotate, resize What should I need to apply the function for enlarging the cursor/icon in my code?
  2. Hi, I'm wondering If I add an image to transformManager, Is there any possible to reduce a quality of an image? I've tested two cases, the result is interesting for me. Once I call an image from file browser, Common Action : bitmap.smoothing = true; The size of an image : 600px X 600px (width:height). Background color : white. First Case : Nothing to do with an image, then print the image. The quality of an image is not bad. Second Case : Add a child into transformManager, then just moving an image. Do not resize then print document as well. The quality of an image is too bad. (pixelation) So I'd like to know is there any methode prevent this kinds of thing?
  3. Oh my godness, I understand perfectly. Thank you very much. From now, I can make it sense
  4. I read transformManager document a few times, and I don't understand either one. I want to get movie clip from transformItem. I understand how to get movie clip under the event method like below : function onSelectClip(event:TransformEvent):void { var mc:MovieClip = event.items[0].targetObject as MovieClip; } But I want to get movie clip from transformManager(var manager:TransformManager) directly. So I try, var mc:MovieClip = manager.getItem(); Could you give me an advice?
  5. No I'm not meaning of "event.target.name" if I click another item or background so that leave(release) my selection boundary cursor from manager.selectItem action, Then How can I catch the event? When I finish moving job, I can call event listener "FINISH_INTERATIVE_MOVE". However I finish nothing after selecting item, I cannot get event listener. So I mean I want to know the name event like "FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE, SELECTION_CHANGE"
  6. Hi there. I'm trying to transform horizontally flip in my TransformManager. fliph_btn_m.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickFlipHorizontalHandler); function clickFlipHorizontalHandler(event:Event):void { manager.flipSelectionHorizontal(); } Am I missing something? On selecting transformItem, the flipSelectionHorizontal method does not work at all. [Partial Solved] When I declare the selected item(manager.selectItem), it works fine. I mean there are no problem. BTW is there any chance to resolve it without adding manager.selectItem?
  7. I'd like to know the name of event when I deselect transformItem. I mean that I've finished resize or rotations jobs, I want to get event listener name. Oh one more thing, Can I customize the icon on my select boundary box? I want to add "delete" icon in there. Thank you.
  8. I had a big problem with TransformManager. I just want to do select TransformItem that I've loaded in the stage. If then I have to check existing in the stage too. Question 1. How can I access the transformItem? I've marked the color of text, Is this a good way? var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({allowDelete:true, autoDeselect:true}); // ref is an index number; function clickHandler(e:MouseEvent):void { if(manager.selectedTargetObjects[ref] == null){ // No item in the transformanager } else { // here is the item's existed manager.selectItem(manager.selectedTargetObjects[ref]); } } Question 2. How can I select transformItem if it is still in the stage. Once I added the transformItem I can transform size properly. However I try to select transformItem again, It has disappeared and New item add in the stage. All I have to do is that I want to select transformItem again that I made once. I mean I want to show selection boundary display again. I think it is related to below code but I cannot figure out at all. manager.selectItem(manager.selectedTargetObjects[ref]); or getSelectionBoundsWithHandles
  9. Hi, I'm wondering why my image does not change background color with "rgba"? -- html -- <img src="/a.jpg" class="subpageBack"> -- script -- TweenLite.to(".subpageBack", 1, {backgroundColor:"rgba(0,0,0,0.65)", ease:Cubic.easeOut}); I'm just changing background color when the button has clicked.
  10. I usually create my transform manager like below : var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager(); var mc1Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc1); var mc2Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc2); Question 1 : I'd like to add an option "allowDelete:true" in the transformManager. How can I resolve my trouble? Question 2 : And there are one more thing. I'm planning to make a button that is used in purpose for removing TransformItem. If then which action do I declare? I'm currently using backspace key for removing item
  11. Hi there. I'm wondering, the transformitem how to remove child item? Do I need to destroy() method declaring always if I try to removeChild from my stage? If I use bitmap in transform item, Should I run dispose() function at every removeChild action For the memory? I've read the document for this one, However I could not find my answer
  12. I'd like to detect the event when I release or finish transform manager. e.g. finish move or finish scale or finish rotate.. If I finish doing job such as moving, rotation, scaling at a time, I want to get event handler so that apply mask job. mc0Item.addEventListener(TransformEvent.FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE, onFinishClip); if then, How can I find the name of movie clip in onFinishClip method? function onFinishClip(event:TransformEvent):void{ var mc:MovieClip = event.currentTarget as MovieClip // error occurred } 2nd Mouse pointer's disappeared when I finish to move the movie clip with transform manager. I don't know why this problem occurred but After moving or rotating the movie clip, mouse pointer had disappeared for a while. How can I resolve it?