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  1. I'd like to enlarge rotate and resize handler icon in the transformanager. ex) move, rotate, resize What should I need to apply the function for enlarging the cursor/icon in my code?
  2. Hi, I'm wondering If I add an image to transformManager, Is there any possible to reduce a quality of an image? I've tested two cases, the result is interesting for me. Once I call an image from file browser, Common Action : bitmap.smoothing = true; The size of an image : 600px X 600px (width:height). Background color : white. First Case : Nothing to do with an image, then print the image. The quality of an image is not bad. Second Case : Add a child into transformManager, then just moving an image. Do not resize then print document as well. The quality of an im
  3. Oh my godness, I understand perfectly. Thank you very much. From now, I can make it sense
  4. I read transformManager document a few times, and I don't understand either one. I want to get movie clip from transformItem. I understand how to get movie clip under the event method like below : function onSelectClip(event:TransformEvent):void { var mc:MovieClip = event.items[0].targetObject as MovieClip; } But I want to get movie clip from transformManager(var manager:TransformManager) directly. So I try, var mc:MovieClip = manager.getItem(); Could you give me an advice?
  5. No I'm not meaning of "event.target.name" if I click another item or background so that leave(release) my selection boundary cursor from manager.selectItem action, Then How can I catch the event? When I finish moving job, I can call event listener "FINISH_INTERATIVE_MOVE". However I finish nothing after selecting item, I cannot get event listener. So I mean I want to know the name event like "FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE, SELECTION_CHANGE"
  6. Hi there. I'm trying to transform horizontally flip in my TransformManager. fliph_btn_m.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clickFlipHorizontalHandler); function clickFlipHorizontalHandler(event:Event):void { manager.flipSelectionHorizontal(); } Am I missing something? On selecting transformItem, the flipSelectionHorizontal method does not work at all. [Partial Solved] When I declare the selected item(manager.selectItem), it works fine. I mean there are no problem. BTW is there any chance to resolve it without adding manager.selectItem?
  7. I'd like to know the name of event when I deselect transformItem. I mean that I've finished resize or rotations jobs, I want to get event listener name. Oh one more thing, Can I customize the icon on my select boundary box? I want to add "delete" icon in there. Thank you.
  8. I had a big problem with TransformManager. I just want to do select TransformItem that I've loaded in the stage. If then I have to check existing in the stage too. Question 1. How can I access the transformItem? I've marked the color of text, Is this a good way? var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager({allowDelete:true, autoDeselect:true}); // ref is an index number; function clickHandler(e:MouseEvent):void { if(manager.selectedTargetObjects[ref] == null){ // No item in the transformanager } else { // here is the item's existed mana
  9. Hi, I'm wondering why my image does not change background color with "rgba"? -- html -- <img src="/a.jpg" class="subpageBack"> -- script -- TweenLite.to(".subpageBack", 1, {backgroundColor:"rgba(0,0,0,0.65)", ease:Cubic.easeOut}); I'm just changing background color when the button has clicked.
  10. I usually create my transform manager like below : var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager(); var mc1Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc1); var mc2Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc2); Question 1 : I'd like to add an option "allowDelete:true" in the transformManager. How can I resolve my trouble? Question 2 : And there are one more thing. I'm planning to make a button that is used in purpose for removing TransformItem. If then which action do I declare? I'm currently using backspace key for removing item
  11. Hi there. I'm wondering, the transformitem how to remove child item? Do I need to destroy() method declaring always if I try to removeChild from my stage? If I use bitmap in transform item, Should I run dispose() function at every removeChild action For the memory? I've read the document for this one, However I could not find my answer
  12. I'd like to detect the event when I release or finish transform manager. e.g. finish move or finish scale or finish rotate.. If I finish doing job such as moving, rotation, scaling at a time, I want to get event handler so that apply mask job. mc0Item.addEventListener(TransformEvent.FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE, onFinishClip); if then, How can I find the name of movie clip in onFinishClip method? function onFinishClip(event:TransformEvent):void{ var mc:MovieClip = event.currentTarget as MovieClip // error occurred } 2nd Mouse pointer's disappeared when I finish to