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  1. Hello.. I'm a newbie. but I'm a big fan of GSAP. I have been used greensock to animate UI in ActionScript. I have a question about android performance! I'm trying to animate 7~8 UI Elements such as 3 Text Fields, Buttons, and Layers. (7~8 Elements will be moved same time) I have a 3 files. - pages.html - pages.css - pages.js also It is includedgreensock libraries.. here is my sample code. (in pages.js) var startTimeline=new TimelineLite({pause:'false'}); //For 7~8 UI Elements.. var startUIElements1=new TimelineLite({........}); . . . . var startUIElements2=new TimelineLite({........}); startTimeline.add=[, ,, ,, , ]; lastly when I click button than startTimeline.start(); when I click button one more than startTimeline.reverse(); sorry for sharing my full code. What's problem? I wish to use greensock library to animate in android webview smoothly.