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  1. Hi Another great response. I have updated the code pen and its closer to what I want http://codepen.io/birdy247/pen/RajMdx I am not worried about this mimicking a car race. I just want each marker to be independently controlled. If one is behind and then goes "over the top" of the other, that is fine. My main worry was I could not adjust the speed of each marker in "real time". From the code pen, it looks like this is possible? (Unless I am mistaken!). I have built a timeline which takes the user through a series of transitions (they look like new pages to the user) before this "screen" is presented. So, should I simply omit this from the timeline and then when its time to play this sequence, just use some callback to trigger play()? ^^ Hope that makes sense
  2. I have updated the pen, but it is doing some funny things http://codepen.io/birdy247/pen/dMZRvp?editors=0011
  3. Hi, many thanks for the assistance. Just to be clear, it will not be pre-defined where the user speeds up or slows down. I actually have a web-socket which is listening for speed data. I am then doing some calc to work out how much the marker should speed up (or slow down). There are also 2 markers on the track which need to be controlled independently. Thanks Aaron
  4. Hi Rodrigo Thanks for the help! I have put a codepen example together. What I want, is to be adjusting the speed of the marker (from another event listener). The speed is likely to vary but the marker never needs to go in reverse. So far I have tried the time(), progress() and timeScale() but cant get it to work as I require. http://codepen.io/birdy247/pen/grXPzJ?editors=1111
  5. Hi I am using the Bezier plugin to move a marker along a path. This is working well. What I want to do, is slow down/speed up the marker along the path. I thought about using timeScale() but I find this "jumps" the marker to a new position. Instead, I want it to be a gradual "natural" motion. The use case is a car going along a circuit Thanks