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  1. Thank you, here is a brief codepen that shows the error i am getting as of now. http://codepen.io/theller5567/pen/GZWdoq?editors=1011 Console error: invalid onCompleteAll tween value: undefined Basically i am trying to get each icon to animate in and as soon the animation is done per image i want to it to fadeout(opacity:0). Didn't think doing so would be too hard but i am losing hair over it. I was finally able to get a callback to work but now when the first image is done animating it makes all the images fadeOut to opacity:0. So you basically only get to see about half of the images now cause their opacity is set to 0 before they even animate in.
  2. I am unable to get the callback functionality to work while using Meteor framework. I have copied functions straight from the GSAP docs and i still get type error: this._callback is not a function. I have tried everything and looked everywhere for a solution but no dice. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. If callbacks don't work with Meteor or i am just flat out doing something wrong please let me know. I would add a codepen but i don't believe they have a Meteor framework to use. Template.home.rendered = function(){ TweenMax.staggerTo(".img", 1, {rotation:360, y:100, opacity: 1}, 0.5, myCompleteAll ); function myCompleteAll() { console.log("all tweens complete"); } }