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  1. Hi Jack thanks for the Reply, we are currently building a horizontal website with a parallax (3 layers) in it, these layers are completely under control of the customer , so we don't know how long these are, what is on them, etc. (i have no permission to share any more code) When you scroll/drag to the end you have massive amount of emptiness (since all layers moved to the left), so i needed to cut it after the last visible element. I calculated the width the page will have after animations and dragging. My question was how to override the padding that wil
  2. Hi there, Draggable constructs a div around the content of my Element(s). One of those changes the width while dragging horizontal. i know the end position of that element before creation of the Draggable. how can i set the width of the draggable div during creation (i presume 'padding-right' ?), to avoid empty space at the drag end? <div id="scroll__window" class="scroll__window" style="overflow-x: auto; overflow-y: hidden; cursor: move; touch-action: pan-y; user-select: none;"> <!-- // injected by draggable this padding-right needs to be set
  3. thanks a ton @OSUblake, console.log("GSAP Plugins", window.com.greensock.plugins) shows the Plugin but it does not work. i got it to work with TweenMax.fromTo(circl, 1.25, { drawSVG: 0 }, { drawSVG: '0 100%', stroke: '#f7f7f7', ease: Power2.easeInOut, onUpdate: () => { DrawSVGPlugin.getPosition(circl); } }).play(); but i wonder why is that working and simple use of drawSVG not? is there anyway to substitute 'drawSVG' with DrawSVGPlugin ? it might help with other Plugins too (ScrollTo will n
  4. Hi there, i want to draw a circle in an Angular App. This Codepen works fine ( sorry i'm not that crack to mock an Angular app in Codepen), when i use that code in Angular, i suspect the DrawSVGPlugin is not correct imported, though i got no errors, and the changes to the stroke-colors are working; it does not to be a problem with scrollmagic either. the start event fires correctly. What do i wrong? is there anything i overlooked ? how can i log or see if DrawSVG is working? i'm not that familiar with angular(version 5). Help is really appreciated //packa
  5. Hi there, i have two containers inside a horizontal draggable Div. positioned by flex-box inside the second Div i have some absolute positioned items that might be wider than said container. it's trivial to get the widths of those elements. and set the right padding. But when i start dragging that number is overwritten by draggable. i tried onPress, startDrag(). How do i set that Padding initially and persistently? in the screenshots: grey background: correct blue background: incorrect after dragging
  6. thanks, i'm new to Codepen, too; i have deleted it but still no event
  7. Hi there or Moin, first of all i'm a newbie to GSAP, so i may miss the obvious and i'm in a bit of a peril i copied the physics2d Demo, and thought to make it a simple Game, clicking a dot turns it red,but i can't seem to add eventhandlers to the dots. The docs for those tween lite didn't state any callback for the tweened objects, so i ask for your kind help. how stupid am i? here's my codepen http://codepen.io/realLucitheR/pen/QNdgWK?editors=0010 cheers, Jan -edit: typo