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  1. Hi Jack, I'm trying to make an element translate from one point (given by the `left` property) to another, at a certain speed. So basically I want to do a `TweenLite.from` with certain starting/ending points and velocity, which means I shouldn't specify the duration. Is there a way to not set the duration? Currently I'm doing this by explicitly calculating the best approximate duration (so their velocity will be exactly the same, but the ending points are a little bit off). UPDATE: We found a way to calculate the exact duration without too much trouble. It would still be nice to not have to do it manually though!
  2. Thanks everyone! And to Shaun, the reason I'm holding back from calculating velocity explicitly is that there are a lot of elements in different places with different parents, and it's messy to handle each of them. It's an option though, if it turns out we can find a way to centralize the logic. And Jack, I'll certainly look into the plugin, they look really promising!
  3. So in short there is no direct way to specify the speed, correct?
  4. I want to create an animation where multiple elements can slide across their container at the same speed. It's awkward to use the duration for this purpose, because the elements can be of different lengths, so with the same duration longer elements will move faster. Is there any way to fix them at the same speed?