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  1. @lukesoft Please send you email again it's not working
  2. Wooow Wonderful good guys, it's working now THank you @ohem
  3. I Tried it, but it's not working, when I change the frame to 0 it works first time and then when I click the banner it opens multiple pages? this.replay.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame.bind(this)); function fl_ClickToGoToAndPlayFromFrame() { this.gotoAndPlay(0); } My timeline ________________________ var root = this, tl; tl = new TimelineMax( { repeat: 1, repeatDelay: 1 } ); tl .addLabel( 'myLabel1' ) .from( this.t1, 1, { alpha:0,x:this.t1.x-50, ease:Expo.easeOut }, '
  4. I will check the links, Thank you so much
  5. Thank you Jack, for you instant answer I meant a button to make the banner Repeat after the animation ends. So when the people want to see the animation again they can click on it I attached a picture to what I mean a button as shown.
  6. Hi Guys any help how can I develop (( Reply button )) into Adobe Animate? THank you in advance
  7. @davi Hi Davi I followed the steps but it's not working, Can you check the animated file attached? I want to know what i miss, Archive.zip Thank you so much in advance
  8. Hi Ryan I checked my email but nothing received, Can you please send it again, Thank you so much dude,
  9. Hi Ryan Yes please it would be wonderful, my email is fadyhenen@hotmail.com
  10. Hi Guys Can you help me to develop carousel banner with adobe animate, or i have to do it html5 code, can you guys share any sample, thank you so much
  11. It works now Thank you so much Oliver really appreciate your help here after your help >>>> var tl = new TimelineMax( { repeat: 3, repeatDelay: 1 } ); tl .addLabel( 'myLabel1' ) .from( this.twofor3, 1, { scaleX: 0, scaleY: 0, alpha: 0, ease: Elastic.easeOut }, 'myLabel1' ) .from( this.whopper, 0.75, { alpha:0, y:+450, ease:Back.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=1.2' ) .from( this.whopper2, 0.75, { alpha:0, y:+350, ease:Back.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=1.4' ) .from( this.txt1, 0.75, { alpha: 0, x: -50, ease: Power2.easeOut }, 'myLabel1+=1.6' ) .to( this.txt1, 0.75, { alp
  12. Hi Guys, This code is inside Adobe Animate, and it is not working, and when i am adding tl. to the code to be tl.add(TweenMax.from(this.twofor3, 1, { scaleX:0, scaleY:0,alpha:0, ease:Elastic.easeOut, delay:0.0})); the timeline is not working properly when the animation stars the next starts when the first one ends... its not working smoothly every order in its time not to wait the animation before to ends, i want to know if i am missing something or should i add any thing to fix that, var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:3, repeatDelay:1}); TweenMax.from(this.two
  13. Hi Guys I need your help how can i rotate my layers in Adobe animate cc2017 What i am missing (( var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:3, repeatDelay:1}); tl.from(this.logo_mc, 1.5, { transformStyle:"preserve-3d", RotationX:180 ,scaleX:0, scaleY:0, alpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut}) .from(this.b1_mc, 0.4, {y:"+=70", alpha:0, ease:Back.easeOut}, "-=0.3") .from(this.b2_mc, 0.5, {alpha:0}, "+=0.3") console.log(TweenLite.version); ))
  14. Tweenui is a free website or should i pay for every banner when i am going to publish ? as i want to do full campaigns ?
  15. Good Evening people I am designer and i used greensock before to animate banners in "Adobe Flash" i used to import the "com folder" to the flash and start writing scripts and the animation goes right everytime, Now with Adobe Animate cc what i should do to animate a HTML canvas file ! any video tutorial available to use greensock scripts inside Adobe animate cc !? or steps to help me start creating my first animated banner HTML ? thanks people