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  1. Wow! I've marvelled at the 'Tanks' ads I'd seen around; amazing work Volcanoflash! Must be fun as well. Here's my ads page >> https://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/banners/html5_banners/ BTW - I use Brave browser and ad-blockers on Chrome and many of the example sites here show-up as blank. When showing work on your portfolio it's a good idea to use the GSAP CDN links - rather than the Google or Sizmek hosted ones - remove any clickTags and ad-size metaTags. It's a pain but avoids a potential client seeing a blank square if they also have ad-blockers in place. Andy___F
  2. NDF

    End of line Splittext

    hI, thanks for the reply and apologies for the lack of a Copepen - lack of time and now access to the source code! But basically yes; I'm having trouble finding the end position of the <div>s in the 'lines' array. No issues with the 'words' array but the offsetWidth etc don't seem to work with the 'lines'? Thanks Andy__F
  3. NDF

    End of line Splittext

    Hi, please check this out: http://approvals.ogilvyinteractive.co.nz/textAnims/textAnim_dynamic_mask/index.html I'm trying to make a responsive 'mask' that hides all but the selected words. It's mainly working but I can't seem to find the end of the 'line' so I can add a div to fill in the gaps on the right!? Any pointers greatly appreciated. Andy___F
  4. NDF

    The day-job

    Ta! Yeah, we managed to sneak the interactive ones in under the radar aF
  5. Just thought I'd share some banner examples from my day-job https://www.andyfoulds.co.uk/banners/html5_banners/ Reckon every one has GSAP to thank to some extent! Andy___F
  6. AS3 > MP4 does a great job - no interactivity of course but for hiRes with lots of items animating concurrently it works better than the SWF. Shame it doesn't work with canvas but I've found that it doesn't take much to convert JS to AS3 and export from the FLA anyway.
  7. NDF

    PIXI filters?

    Brilliant! Many thanks. AndyF
  8. NDF

    PIXI filters?

    Hello, I see it's relatively easy to animate certain filters with the PIXIPlugin but is there a way to animate and use the more complex filters shown here http://pixijs.io/pixi-filters/tools/demo/ particularly the shockwave one? ta AndyFoulds
  9. Indeed it does! Hats off Sir, you 'quickly whipped up' something that I failed to accomplish in several hours Many thanks.
  10. Yes, already done something similar using the text plugin and fading - it works and may be a fall-back if I can't figure out animating positions. Assuming the client likes it...
  11. Yeah, that's the problem I'm having. I'm trying to maintain the flow, thereby avoiding a lot of work, but so far no luck...
  12. thanks but the removed words wont be the same widths as the one to reposition
  13. Hi, I have some banners to do where some words are removed from a block of text to give it a different meaning, the remaining words animating to their new position. As I've many to do with different massages and formats I'm trying to use splitText to do the job but so far getting the words to animate from their original position to their new ones once words are removed has eluded me! Got them animating OK but not from the correct, pre-word removal positions to their new ones in the flow. Any ideas or methods much appreciated. I'm setting innerHTML of spans to "" to remove selected words... Thanks!
  14. It seems to me that there's some universal law of browsers - perhaps any product/company - that once it achieves dominance above a certain level the owner/developers feel they no longer have to take standards or users into account and can dictate the field. Hubris...
  15. Hi, I've no link to the Chrome Bug Report yet - I used the above as an example - so I can only assume it's not been responded to yet. Try this >> http://dev.andyfoulds.co.uk/asdasd , rollover the buttons at the bottom. It was silky smooth in Chrome 48. I have a Win7 PC with an NVidia graphics card but I've also seen this on my Mac at the studio, even got to see it before-and-after as Chrome updated itself! Andy___F