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  1. The author has responded very quickly and informed me that he is working very hard on the product, but he can not comment on an ETA. I still think it is quite promising and I have signed up at SpiritJS and awaiting good news. Cheers.
  2. OSUBlake, thanks for the heads up. Spiritjs looks really promising. I've emailed the author, Patrick Brouwer, and asked about project status. Let's see what comes out of this.
  3. Hello everyone, I've just discovered the GSAP and I'm quite impressed with it's abilities. I intend to purchase a business license and integrate it into our product. We basically intend to create and display animated presentations. In our Web application (ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, EntityFramework, Metronic) I need to provide a GUI to enable the user to create a slideshow. Thus, I'm in search for a visual editor (for a fee and/or open source) which I can embed in my SPA. It shouldn't depend on more than HTML5/CSS3/JS and support for older browsers is a non-issue. I have the ability to not to support any Web browser older than 1-2 years. Checking the forum I've found the following : http://tweenui.com/animator : I don't know if the editor is licenseable or not. http://html5maker.com/app : Very nice, but based on Flash. Also, I've come across slider editors on codecanyon such as the following which use Green Sock. This is exactly what I'm looking for (Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon): http://rsvisualeditor.themepunch.com/index.php?c=account&m=login Sadly it requires PHP and mySQL, which I don't want to provide. Also, Envato's pre-sales support leaves a lot to be desired. They still haven't responded to my licensing question for 4 days. If someone is considering to write or currently writing a good visual editor like the one above, even if not as full fledged, I really would like to hear about it. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks, Hakan.