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  1. Hi Guys and Girls, Small question. Do you know if you can use matter.js with greensock? I would like to animate the static objects of matter.js with greensock. If so. Do you have an example http://brm.io/matter-js/ Thanks. Fatih
  2. Hi Greensock lovers, How can i achieve this (https://codepen.io/labdev/pen/amyyyw) with Greensock 2Dphysics? And as extra I want to have a cursor hover function. Basically when you hover with your cursor the "object" should be pushed somehow. Thanks. Fatih
  3. Basicly i want to use this: TweenLite.killTweensOf(myFunction); So i got this: function killAttention() { TweenMax.killTweensOf(attention); console.log("kill"); }
  4. Can you not say something like: TweenMax.killtweensOf(attention()) So that al animations in attention are killed.
  5. function attention() { var tween = TweenMax(); tween.to("#leftSide", slideTime, {x: posleftSide+slide, ease:Power3.easeInOut,force3D:false}); ... .. . } Something like this? * It does not work
  6. It would be better if we used Timeline indeed. But unfortunately we did not and I dont have the time to change it quickly But can i use it like this: var tween = TweenMax.to(); Do I need to fill the el, dur and params?
  7. Hi Dipscom, Thank you for your reply. I see that you used timelinemax. And tl.kill();. Can you achieve the same when you use normal Tweenmax in a function? So for example: function attention() { TweenMax.to("#leftSide", slideTime, {x: posleftSide+slide , ease:Power3.easeInOut,force3D:false}); ... .. . etc } So I need it to kill only the animations in that specific function. The animation function of the user slide should still working. How can i accomplish this?
  8. Hi, I am new to the forms but I am a big fan of greensock. I need to interrupt a animation when a user swipes left or right. So the idea is that the animation begins and goes left and right 2x times. But the user should have the possibility to interupt the animation by swiping left or right. When you swipe now during the animation you get 2 animations at the same time. This is not good. It should somehow kill all the animations in that specific function. ( attention() and attention2() ) I use hammer.js for mobile interaction. Sorry for the messy code If you could help me with this I would realy appreciate it. Thanks