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  1. Hi I'm trying to scale an image over a period of time but it appears jerky! Is there a way I can make it smoother? Please refer to Codepen URL. Thanks!
  2. Hi Is it possible to make it so that the smaller pies in the attached codepen follow the same orbital path using bezier? Currently the paths are slightly different! Many thanks!
  3. Thanks Diaco, because I now have this http://codepen.io/johnnyno/pen/GZmwML The aborting pies are not following the exact same orbit... Could I use the bezier tween to create a consistent orbit for all the smaller pies? Thanks
  4. Hi I'm trying to rotate an object around a central point. In this case the object is a pie. I want the pie to be spinning as it rotates! Any ideas? Many thanks!
  5. We must have posted at around the same time. I checked this out using firebug which is what i should've done in the first place. Thanks you so much for responding with the answer though. Many thanks
  6. It's okay i've worked it out! Thanks for the info
  7. Okay great! So is the image a sprite? Many thanks!
  8. Hi Does anyone know how the spinning browser icon was made on the GreenSock homepage. I've done a number of tutorials, but haven't come across it yet. Thanks!