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  1. Hi Carl, that was exactly what i was looking for. Instead of a direct muting, i prefer to use fade out the volume with tweenLite/Max; creating an array solved it. Thanks you very much.
  2. Greetings. I've several audio files in my project (html based animations), playing in different actions. I labeled every sound as; var audio1 = document.createElement('audio'); var audio2 = document.createElement('audio'); audio1 .setAttribute('src', 'audio/audio1.mp3'); audio2.setAttribute('src', 'audio/audio2.mp3'); etc. And playing them during animation with TweenMax (like audio1.play, TweenMax.to(audio1, 1, {volume:0...) I'm trying to mute all sounds if visitor leaves to another tab; with $(window).blur and focus functions, but active audio is changing during animation, so i need to get back to active audio file when user returns the tab. How can i mute the volume of the tab? Thank you very much in advance for all your help.
  3. ah sorry, while playing i got the solution; i just duplicated change() function and adjust the frames as i wanted. thank you very much again for your time and help.
  4. Hi Carl, thank you very much. With your code; reverse(), play() etc. are working perfectly. There's also another thing i want to do - like frameTo- when i click a button i want my animation to play the frame number i defined. For example; let's say my key point is at frame 25. If animation at 50th frame and i click that button, animation will play reverse to 25th frame. , Same like this, if animation at 10th frame and i click that button, animation will play till 25th frame in 0.5 second and stop -like fast forward and rewind to a defined point. Is it possible? Thanks again.
  5. Greetings. First of all i'm really sorry if it's a so much newbie question; i was searching forum and other sources -maybe with wrong keywords - but i couldn't find a proper solution. Thanks in advance for all your help. I'm using Flash CC to create a html export. I've a mc in canvas and inside of that mc there's a simple timeline animation done with flash. What i want is controlling that timeline with "frame" option like tl.to(exportRoot.mc, 1, {frame:0}); also with rewind etc. Thank you very much.