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  1. Sorry guys, my question might not be entirely related to Tweenmax or animations ( ) !! I stuck with the piece of code below where basically we animate sections with mousewheel . Each sections has it's own animations (intro and outro) .And i stuck at the end trying to concatenate functions and call them. I already ask on stackoverflow but their solutions is not something i'm confortable with yet. Here is the sample code var siteGlobal = (function(){ init(); var init = function(){ bindEvents(); } // then i got my func
  2. Thank you for your time OSUblake. Really helpfull
  3. [js][/js]Hello everyone , I'm new to this forum and also new to javascript in general. I got a problem to set up a delay in my timeline. I got a series of tween within it witch basically animate x axis and width of a line and it's mask I made it infinite by using restart() when complete. the delay is set to 0 at first but i want it to be changed to 2 after the first iteration. And i can't figure it out how. The pen can be seen here: https://codepen.io/jeffbkk76/pen/qqePaO?editors=0000 Can someone point out my mistake ? Cheers.