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  1. Hi guys! Hope you all have a great day. Is it possible to tween an element to its previous state prior to modifying it through .set() ? Here's an example scenario: #div has a background color of black: CSS - #div { background-color: #000 } Then .set() was used to turn it to white: TweenMax.set('#div', { 'backgroundColor': '#fff' }) I want to tween it back to its original CSS style. (Is there something like TweenMax.to('#div', { revert: 'backgroundColor' })) ? I don't want to tween it to #000 since it has to be dynamic Thanks guys! Your help is much appreciated!
  2. xtn

    Space particles help

    Pretty neat Carl, thanks! Just one more thing. I'm experiencing blurriness once dots get higher Z translates: Is there a workaround for this?
  3. xtn

    Space particles help

    Hi everyone, just started with GSAP and it looks great! I'm posting here to ask for help. I'm currently aiming for this animation: (space particles) https://youtu.be/4QOuixmYmhU I'm stuck on being able to like, infinitely spawn particles/stars after the old ones go behind the page or reach their maximum Z position, and garbage collect them. Also, I'm having blur issues when Z position is at a high value. Is this a browser issue? If yes, what are the alternatives? Would scale be okay? I tried scaling but unable to achieve the effect on the video I posted. Guys, your help is very appreciated! Thank you