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  1. Thank you Jonathan! I've removed the ready and load functions and it worked.
  2. Hey, I would like to create a matrix style code rain with GSAP using the SplitText Utility, but I've encountered an error when following your tutorial video. not sure what I'm doing wrong... any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the Update and the Tutorial Video! I've managed to recreate the animation loop using the Modifiers Plugin and it solved the issue with much less code! http://codepen.io/cstodor/pen/ZOxGvq Thanks again and Keep up the Good Work!
  4. Hi guys, I think I've encountered a rendering issue while animating two images on the X axis with the xPercent property. When I'm resetting the image's xPercent property position to create an infinite image slide effect, sometimes the images are not fitting together correctly or there is a gap between them. Any suggestions on this one?
  5. Thank you for your accurate answer @Jack! It makes much more sense now. So, I will need to convert the 'em' units to either pixel or percentage values to get the result that I'm looking for. Can I ask one, possibly silly question... what happens if I would like to animate elements on a website which uses 'rem' and 'em' units by default (like Bootstrap 4), and considering that I use pixel values in the Tweens, would that cause any inconsistency in the design between mobile and desktop devices? Cheers,
  6. I think you got me wrong. to see the issues that I was referring to, you need to remove the comments from line 7 and 11 of the JavaScript code.
  7. I'm aware of the rendering problem, but I forgot to say that I've commented out the code that was causing the issue. ( JS line: 7-11 ) That code is the conversion of the CSS found at line 2-21. If you remove the comments, you will see that it has a different outcome. The original Pen with CSS only animation can be found here: http://codepen.io/golle404/pen/EKOoyW Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi there, I'm converting a CSS animation to GSAP, and I'm getting some weird positioning after conversion. Can anyone tell me what am I missing here? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. cstodor

    Animate SVG line

    Hi, Yes it is possible. To animate SVG attributes, you will need to use the AttrPlugin by GSAP. You can find more info about animating SVG on this page: http://greensock.com/svg-tips Codepen URL: http://codepen.io/cstodor/pen/LNqNBM Cheers,