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  1. I don't think it is because of gradient, because on codepen that works well too on mobile with chrome. Question is what codepen has different than when one hostes the exported .zip from there and uploads it configured on server. Please if anyone gets it working with all like on codepen send me the link before you remove it.
  2. "no problems at all. The difference? No gradient background." Hello Craig thanks a lot for the contribution! Could you send me the link of your hosted no gradient solution to test it on my device?
  3. Hello guys first of all thanks for your answers! I have tried to do these steps and nothing helps. Even if i remove 50% of the elements on the animation it will not work. If you have a solution please host this and send me link so i can see a hosted version which works and is not on codepen. Important is that you test the link of mine, because on codepen it always worked well but not in the hosted version of the same. It is weird that the same code works on codepen well but not on my server. Why has different host an impact on it?
  4. Try this: https://bit.ly/2FhMUZG Android 6.01 Chrome 72.0 Note4 Samsung Totally slow on chrome, but superfast on FF
  5. Dear GSAP comrades, Why do I get for some HOSTED DrawSVG animations from codepen 1 FPS when using CHROME on Mobile? They work fully FINE ON FF but just not on CHROME! How can this be? Only on Codepen it runs also well on mobile. Can someone solve me the riddle? Thanks for any suggestions, Mat
  6. Hello everybody I am trying to convert, refactor a jQuery animation to pure GSAP. Using gsap.jquery gave several errors. Unlike in the guide written I found one always requires jquery still. I want to convert jquery.animate() to GSAP function. What links and resources are there to help me with converting Jquery to pure GSAP?
  7. Hello everybody I am getting frustrated a lot. How to get this boxshadow look without darker lines/ stripes? The box shadow looks darker than the rest of the background or the inner picture rectangle while having the same colors. I don't understand this. In Photoshop this looks good. Using CSS it is so ugly! =( Please help me! Kind regards, Matt
  8. Question regarding IP of animations... Hello everybody I spent 30 hours on an animation, which has got not too shabby at all. =) How can I make sure that the animation code is not used without permission by other people right after they right-click on my website and copy paste it out? Is there a way to secure/protect the .JS containing the GSAP code or is it basically "fair game" for copycats? Best regards, Matt
  9. Hello everybody If someone could give me a helpful snippet or hint to do it, it would make my day. Question: How to get the glowing point ".png" create the (given) green checkmark path? Assumptions: AttrPlugin has to be used, right? Thanks for any replies! Matt
  10. Hello everybody Thanks for your quicky replies. Question: Where do I find someone who can with ease create the transition "Swing like a gate" http://css3playground.com/3d-flip-cards/ with Greensock? When one opens the link in an ipad it won't work well. How difficult is it to do it in Greensock? So far I never saw something complex like this in Greensock. If someone knows please message me back. Matt PS: @Zach: http://codepen.io/Zeaklous/pen/JGRdrN It comes closest to what I need. Please contact me on gmail: mattparo
  11. Dear reader A programmer with Microsoft Certification spent >15 hours on a "turning-card" animation similar to this benchmark: http://css3playground.com/3d-flip-cards/ The programmer told me that it is best to do all with CSS to get maximum compatibility. I got the (maybe wrong) feeling it should have been done with GSAP and he never mentioned it while doing the software consulting. Please open this link and tell me whether the animation "Swing like a gate" could be done in GSAP and whether it would still be cross-compatible on all modern browsers as well as mobile responsible on Ipad, Iphone (Safari). Please help me, Matt If someone is interested in a job please contact me back.