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  1. tupic

    draggable on touch

    Ok guys I've found the problem. The Greensock-Plugins work well. It was my rookie-mistake. I tried to initialize the draggable element before it was append to the DOM. Now it works as it supposed to work. Thank you guys for support.
  2. tupic

    draggable on touch

    thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it doesnt work...neither with the removed alert.
  3. tupic

    draggable on touch

    what do you want to say with that? I just didn't want to keep back any information that could help to resolve the problem.
  4. tupic

    draggable on touch

    There is no error in the log. The HTML-code as you see it in the codepen example is generated and added dynamically by jQuery. Could this be an issue?
  5. tupic

    draggable on touch

    Hi Dipscom Thanks for your response. I'm working with an Samsung Galaxy S5 Greetings Tupic
  6. tupic

    draggable on touch

    Dear Community I am new in webdevelopment. So I started my first cordova project. In the codepen-example you can see my code. It works well on desktop browsers. But when I test my code on an mobilephone the img #main-menue-knob can't get dragged. Is there any eventlistener that I have to add, that the drag-function works on a touchevent? Thanks for support Tupic